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Posts on ‘February 24th, 2010’

Right-Wing Conservative Anger at All Time High

Anthony Guerrero The Paw Print Ever since the election of President Obama, right-wing conservative anger has been at an all time high.  It is understandable to be upset and devastated when your party is completely removed from power, when the other party gains a super-majority, and when you insist on continuing to believe in failed […]

Police Reports for Jan. 4- Feb. 18

1/4/10             2200hrs              Mental Health                     Faculty Dr.                 Arrest 1/7/2010              1130hrs              Abandoned Vehicle         ASC High Rise parking lot          Report 1/14/2010            1730hrs.              FTA Warrant                     ASC Plachy Gym            Arrest 1/18/2010            1300hrs              Vandalism/Theft              Art Building                     Arrest 1400hrs               Theft                                    SUB 321                              Report 2120hrs               Marijuana Violation             Coronado Hall             Arrest 1/19/10            1400hrs                  Theft                                      ASC PD                              Arrest 1/20/2010            1600hrs               Theft                               […]

“Papers”: Battling Youth in America

Audrey Martinez The Paw Print On February 16, the movie “Papers” was presented to the public in the Carson Auditorium by Molina and Aju. Both artists are from the San Luis Valley. They presented their poetry and hip hop, hoping to inspire the youths who currently live in the United States without legal documents. Nearly […]

Dinosaurs of Colorado Revealed Through Faculty Lecture

Toni Ortivez The Paw Print Last Wednesday night adjunct professor of geology and earth sciences, Lyle Carbutt, presented his lecture on dinosaurs in Colorado during the Mesozoic Era. He has participated in dinosaur digs in Colorado and Utah, as well as, in North and South Dakota. Carbutt’s lecture is the second installment in the Faculty […]

Fandom of the Opera

Samantha Saville The Paw Print The one-time only showing of “Fandom of the Opera” will be on Thursday, March 4 at 7:30 pm. The Emmy-award winning sound editor Mark Schubin will be presenting the show on the main stage in the theater building.  He is also the engineer-in-charge of the Metropolitan Opera’s media department. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet