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Sabbatical report, rest of weeks 9 and 10, and spring break week in the mineral and fossil catacombs

Whew, the data entry, checking and editing are largely done and procedures written for adding in more materials.  Perhaps a better way to think of the sabbatical progress to date is to consider a new house under construction,.  The structure is built, the roof is on, doors hung, windows in,  siding is up, and the […]

Sabbatical report, weeks 7 & 8 (plus a little of 9)

I do not have much to report, unless I were to describe the daily sweat of chasing down and polishing everything. In the heavy lifting department all the Ryan Museum specimens are plotted on the globes of Google Earth and The Layered Earth.  I have started better location resolution of the specimens using a variety […]

Sabbatical report – Weeks 5 and 6

Two weeks are combined here, since week 5 was short.  I attended a Board of Trustees meeting in Denver Huge breakthroughs were made with the software interfaces on the touch table.  Nearly all of the Ryan data were successfully brought into both Google Earth and The Layered Earth.  The folks at the Spitz Institute and […]

Sabbatical report, Week 4

I am very familiar with Microsoft Excel from many years of drill hole and geochemical data analysis work.  But I really learned to appreciate the more subtle tricks for combining many disparate data sets into a common data set during the last week.   At this time, there are two data sets, one each for fossils […]

Sabbatical Report, week 3

Database work is moving along nicely.  I have huge amounts of data in various formats, but I believe I have now trimmed down and distilled to just two structures that will work for all of the Ryan Museum specimens and the program teaching collections.  Using the data in ArcGIS will not be difficult with these […]

Sabbatical Report, Week 2

Both software and hardware major developments occurred this week! The major hardware developments occurred with the touch table.  I upgraded the OS  to Windows 8 to take advantage of the native touch applications  in that system.    Dual- monitor workstations for application development are up and running with Windows 8 and Windows 7.   The Windows 8 workstation […]

Sabbatical Report, Week 1

The project has started; the project proposal is now on its way to becoming reality. I spent the first week staying busy with assembling and assessing hardware function and capability,  and re-inventorying and refreshing existing datasets. Hardware:  The touch table is up and running in the Museum.  The ubiquitous duct tape stripes are covering cables […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet