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Posts from ‘December, 2018’

Banner Regulatory 2018 Updates Complete – PROD Available

Banner PROD DB Available – Saturday 12/22/2018 @ 12:50 pm The Banner Regulatory Updates are complete in the PROD environment. The Banner ADMIN and Self-Service Applications are now available. Common DB Upgrade Admin Common 9.3.15 General 8.10.4 & 9.3.12 AR & 9.3.9 Finance, 8.11.2,, & 9.3.10 Fin Aid 8.34.1, & 9.3.12 HR,, 8.15.1, & […]

Banner Regulatory 2018 Updates – PROD Unavailable Saturday 12/22/2018 from 7 am-2 pm

Banner PROD DB Unavailable – Saturday 12/22/2018 The Banner PROD environment will be unavailable on Saturday from 7 am to approximately 2 pm, while the Banner Regulatory 2018 updates are deployed to the PROD environment. The Banner PROD ADMIN and SSB web-services will be unavailable during these updates, which are web-applications such as registration, catalog, schedule, […]

Grow Your Tourism Expertise at Colorado State University

Beware of Phishing Email Attacks on Campus

Computing Services has received an increased number of reported phishing emails being sent to ASU employees. Many of these messages are being sent in an effort to impersonate the President’s account to trick you into replying to the message or sharing information with the scammer. This is a classic example of a “spear phishing” attack, […]

Seasonal Affective Disorder

Bailey Paw Print We live in a winter wonderland – below freezing temperatures, spatters of snow, and hardly any daylight. For many people, it can be rough, to say the least. Each year, as the days get shorter and the nights get longer, people’s moods change. They want to sleep more (understandably), begin to lose […]

Christmas Shopping 101

Levi Savage Lowe Paw Print Ever have a hard time trying to pick out a present for a friend or family member? Here we will be talking about what one should get their friend or family for Christmas in order to make sure everyone is happy. Have no fear because there is still time to […]

How to Survive Your Finals

Jeslyn Paw Print Finals Week, and the weeks leading up to it, is an extremely stressful time for all students. The last few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas break are a race to the finish. Everyone is excited to begin their Christmas break after being teased with Thanksgiving break, but we all have about 5 […]

Pewdiepie Needs Your Help!

Levi Savage Lowe Paw Print Everyone uses the internet and almost everyone uses YouTube these days too. Pewdiepie, the King of the Bros aka. 9-year-old army, needs your help today. A company is attempting to over throw Pewdiepie’s throne of being the largest subscriber on the YouTube platform. He needs your Youtube subscription to be […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet