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College Checkered: Final Thoughts and Closing Statements

Brenda Figuero The Paw Print •           To the wonderful ladies in my life: Thank you for giving me a chance to be a friend to you. It’s hard to find good lady friends. Especially for someone who’s used to just hanging out with dudes. On a more specific note, I want to thank Anna Dean […]

College Checkered: I feel like Peter Pan Trying to get his Shadow to Stick

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print A relationship needs substance, we all long to connect, even with strangers — we want to connect. I want to have somebody that can share every aspect of their life with me, I want to feel like in someway shape or form we are merging and growing as a whole. […]

College Checkered: Can’t We Do Better?

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print I’ve seen blogs made just to “Cyber-Bully” another user. Formspring is a welcome wagon to negative feedback, and it’s not just criticism that’s being tossed out there; but instead “You’re fat!” “You’re ugly!” “You can’t write!” “I wish you’d overdose!” Facebook is another contender for these kind of negative comments. […]

College Checkered: Dear Young Girl, You are Beautiful

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print You go about your day matching together outfits that resemble a touch of Rhianna, a dash of hipster, and a Nicole Richie headband. You thumb through websites, magazines, and blog sites seeing what you can create to make you look and feel beautiful. Not everyone can look like Beyoncé or […]

College Checkered: The Power of Indirect Speech

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print Would you sugarcoat your words? When conversing with one another we try to project truth but how often is the bitter truth disguised as what they say, “ sugar coated pills?” In a direct conversation, the energies are fully conscious, regenerative and articulate, but there is a set of laws […]

College Checkered: What Exactly Do You Gain?

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print From gossiping, belittling, and making fun of another person? Is there some kind of game count? Do you get passed Go and collect 200 dollars? Or does it somehow make you feel like a better person? In middle school/high school I’ve had my moment in a gossip circle where I’d […]

College Checkered: The Only Issue I have With Flirting

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print Flirting is fun, we all do it. We love to be wanted and we adore being somebodies center of attention, nothing is wrong with that. My issue doesn’t deal with the act of flirting, my issue is with the amount of people its given to from one person and what […]

College Checkered: Your relationships with other people have nothing to do with me.

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print I’m friends with a lot of people who aren’t friends with each other. They either don’t like one another, a falling out occurred, or whatever the reason is, they wouldn’t be caught dead in the same room with each other. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean I’m purposely not […]

College Checkered: Let’s Get Acquainted, Shall We?

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print My name is Brenda Figueroa, and I’m on my last semester at Adams State University. I’m just a simple lady who maintains that life is a fragile bit of luck in a world based on chance, that Vodka should be a beverage a girl can marry, that we all secretly […]

College Checkered: Falling into a Relationship

Brneda Figueroa The Paw Print You both weren’t looking for one when you two met, your relationship with each other was just a friendship and you just sought refuge with one another to have at least a somewhat connection to somebody. Being single is freedom, but at the same time, you still want to know […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet