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What is a Liberal and What is a Conservative?

Corey Daniels The Paw Print These terms are thought to define the 2 main groups of political leadership in America. Democrats are seen as being liberal and Republicans as conservative. The surprising thing about these two terms, liberal and conservative, is that the meanings have completely changed over the last 200 years! The degree to […]

Pandemonium Spreads from Continent to Continent

Jake Hughes The Paw Print While the national debt crisis of the United States grows at a rate of $3.82 million per day, the European Union is said to be heading into a triple dip recession according to the Central European Bank. Even Europe’s most productive country, Germany, is under great threat of folding and […]

Bush and Obama Two Heads of the Same Monster

Nathan Crites-Herren The Paw Print From the Bible pushing Bush Boys to Obama’s “Change” campaign, the face of American presidential politics has received an extreme makeover. Since November 4,2009 a black man has occupied the white house instead of the usual privileged, pale white faces which have dominated presidential politics since America’s inception.  Many starry […]

Religion, Politics, and a “Certain German Chancellor”

David Mazel English Department In a spirited letter to last week’s Paw Print, Joel Shults argued that it’s perfectly acceptable, nay, desirable, for people of faith to bring their religious beliefs into the public sphere of political debate. I agree with Shults 100 percent. Of course, when we do mix faith and politics, we forfeit […]

Religion and Politics: A Volatile Mix

Dr. Joel Shults ASCPD Please convey my thanks to writer Will Cameron for putting me in my place. As a person of faith who, regardless of my failings, looks to sacred writings, prayer and meditation, and the wisdom of spiritual advisers as an essential part of shaping my world view and, indeed, my life I […]

Cause of Terror: Ron Paul Gets it Right

Dr. Mark Finney Assistant Professor of Mass Communication On Monday night the Republican presidential field faced each other in the first, ever CNN/Tea Party debate. Most of the arguments were what you’d expect to hear. We got the talking points on Social Security from Governor Perry, the anti-tax tirade from Michelle Bachmann, etc.

President Obama Reveals Deficit Reduction Plan

James Williams The Paw Print President Barack Obama revealed his long-anticipated deficit reduction plan on Wednesday, calling for reductions in spending and tax increases that the White House estimates would decrease federal deficits by roughly $4 trillion over the next 12 years. Obama’s plan includes a repeal of the Bush tax cuts for families making […]

Civil Success Begins in Colorado Senate

Lance Hostetter The Paw Print In the coming months and years certain political issues will rise to fore.  So called hot button issues that have often been placed at the bottom of the legislative pile will surface and will finally be dealt with. Several issues like abortion, gun control, and same sex marriages or civil […]

Further Economic Downfall Likely Unless Changes are Made

Paul Pizza The PawPrint   Sometimes in this world, what seems surreal is actually real.  One massive Ponzi scheme and cartel were all it took to plummet not only a nation into an economic disaster, but also the entire world.  JP Morgan, Lehman Brothers, Goldman Sachs, and others are the reason for where we are […]

2012 Presidential Election Gearing Up to Be a Major Circus

Anthony Guerrero The Paw Print On Monday, April 4, 2011, Obama for America, President Obama’s federal campaign arm, began filing paperwork for Barack Obama to run for his second term as President of the United States. It is clear from the horizon of a strenuous and tiring battle that the candidate of hope and change […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet