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An article that is especially pertinent….

Because of where we work and live, this article struck home.  Keep reading, because it gets most interesting (to me at least) after the first several paragraphs. The Next Populist Revolution will be Latino.

Alamosa 1968: The Historic First U.S. Olympic Marathon Trials

On Friday/Saturday July 27-28, Adams State University will host a 50th reunion celebration to commemorate the historic 1968 Alamosa Olympic Marathon Trials. Here’s the complete, never-before-fully-told story of that event.

National Day of Action Against ICE

Is anyone interested in this? On July 31st, it is all of our duties to expose how ICE is working in our cities. We can not let ICE target our communities without check. ICE doesn’t operate alone.  We will demand that our cities, counties, companies, and all institutions end their cooperation with ICE. We will not allow […]

Opportunity for LatinX Compañeros

  2018 Black, Latinx, & Native American Male Summit Friday, October 19, 2018 8am-3pm (  Breakfast and Lunch provided) Colorado State University Pueblo 2200 Bonforte Blvd, Pueblo, CO, 81008 CALL for Proposals We also invite you to bring your students. Student cost is $10 per student for the whole day of events.  The four-year college graduation […]

What does LatinX mean?

Identity labels constantly change because society and identities themselves are in constant flux.  “LatinX” is an inclusive, gender-neutral term that refers to people of Spanish-speaking Latin American descent.  It is meant to replace Latino/a, or Latin@, but is often used interchangeably with “Hispanic” or “Chicana/o” (though Chicana/o refers only to people of Mexican descent, not […]


The Adams State LatinX * Caucus meets regularly to discuss  issues involving  the LatinX community and acts to promote diversity on campus.**  If you would like to be added to our email list, please contact Mari Centeno at *See the post about what “LatinX” means **See our Mission Statement


Author: Neal Palles, MSW, LCSW, Applied Sport Psychology graduate student Twitter: @NealPalles Growing high in the mountains of the western United States is the bristlecone pine (pictured). The tree looks gnarled and old, often growing out of a small crevice in the rock, in a place that is harsh, winds can be high, and snow accumulates […]

50 year Olympic Trials Marathon Reunion and ASU Cross Country/Track and Field Reunion

Click the link for an article on the reunion from the Adams Stater Magazine Marathon Renunion

Student Life Center- Focus Groups

Current ASU students: Be Heard, Win $$$! Sign up for a focus group to discuss your experience at ASU (May 4), participants eligible to win $50 gift cards! Take the survey: Participants eligible to win $25 gift cards! Students taking classes on campus are encouraged to use your voice as we transition from the […]

Constitutional Changes

After our Senate meeting on April 9th, the AS&F Executive Board is moving forward with a few constitutional changes. These changes are regarding the number of senate seats, redefining AS&F membership, clarifying what a two thirds vote counts as and more. For further questions or to access all of the proposed changes, please email the […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet