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More Questions Than Answers: Navigating Not Knowing

After reading Beyond Meetings: Lessons and Successes in Advising Student Organizations I found myself feeling validated in my own experience as a Program Assistant in several ways. I didn’t expect to be able to relate as much due to the fact that I am still very new to this profession and less than a year […]

Then to Now Advising Development

Through reading the book Beyond Meetings Lessons and Successes in Advising Student Organzations it caused me to reflect on my experience over this past semester in advising  AS&F.  I thought back to when I first came to Adams and how I was so ready to change students lives and shake things up within the organization. While as […]

Tradition as an Excuse: Beyond Meetings

I must admit: this book was not what I expected it to be. For some reason I cannot explain, the title, Beyond Meetings, gave me the impression I would be learning how to navigate deep, intimate conversations with students outside of a formal meeting. While there are bits of this interspersed within the book, I […]

Raven Langosh Coaches National Powerlifting Champion

Raven Langosh is a recent graduate from Adams State University, having earned a B.S. in Exercise Science as a student in Human Performance and Physical Education. During Raven’s last year as an undergraduate at Adams, Raven also coached local athletes in the sport of powerlifting. In her first coaching season, Raven helped one of her […]

Documentary- Game On: Women Can Coach

While there has been an explosion of women participating in athletics since Title IX, only about 40% of them are coached by women. Game On: Women Can Coach explores the supporting research, dispels false narratives and celebrates female coaching pioneers. Produced with the University of Minnesota’s Tucker Center. Click the link below to watch.

Where Do I Go From Here? A Self Reflection

“Without self-reflection, you live reactively to the environment around you and not proactively from within for the best desired outcome. When you fail to self-reflect, it can cause you to be unsure of why you are doing what you do” The Strategic Guide to Shaping Your Student Affairs Career by Sonja Ardoin has been an […]

Shaping MY Student Affairs Career

Reflecting on The Strategic Guide to Shaping Your Student Affairs Career, it made me think about my journey so far into Student Affairs. Why I became interested in the field of Student Affairs, How my networking skills are okay but still developing and where I see myself in the future.  For me, before taking this […]

Lifelong Learning

Sonja Ardoin’s The Strategic Guide to Shaping Your Student Affairs Career Chapter four is all about lifelong learning, which one of the contributors, Mat, describes as “capitalizing on opportunities and responding to the unexpected, even when it is extremely harsh, to create something positive.” I reflect on this section of the book, specifically Mat’s anecdote, […]

Seeking Participants and Volunteers for SLV Dust Devils Basketball Program

SLV Dust devils basketball Winter 18

Alamosa Parks and Rec Job Opportunities and Fall 18 Schedule of Activities

The Alamosa Parks and Recreation have a list of volunteer and paid job opportunities for this Fall. If you are interested in any of these positions, contact Don Mendoza: Phone: (719) 587-2524 Email: Fall 18 Alamosa Parks and Rec Schedule of Activities is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet