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Thank you Tawney Becker, LBM Advisory Committee, and Salazar Family

I was very pleased, at the end of my internship, to bring some recognition via the Student Scholar Days 2020 presentation to the Luther Bean Museum, where I have learned so much and thoroughly enjoyed my internship over the last two years. I want to thank Tawney Becker for her excellent training and mentorship and […]

Photography Collection Projects

From time to time, questions and requests from scholars and the public come into the Luther Bean Museum (LBM) regarding the collections. During my internship I was able to field two such requests for information regarding our photographic collections. To fill these requests I made digital scans of the photographs, adding the scans to the […]

Student Scholar Days 2020 at Adams State University

In order to bring some attention to the Luther Bean Museum and to the Rio Grande blankets exhibit, I hoped to participate in the Student Scholar Days 2020 event. Student Scholar Days showcases the research and studies of Adams State students across the spectrum of academic disciplines. Students submit an application complete with an abstract […]

Rio Grande Blankets: Hispanic History and Tradition

How wonderful it was to realize the accomplishment of this large project of my internship. After much time and effort, research and study, and the kind assistance and education by so many involved in this project, the exhibit “Rio Grande Blankets: Hispanic History and Tradition” is on display at the Luther Bean Museum. The following […]

Rio Grande Textiles Exhibit: Maps and Historical Context

Having completed and mounted the interpretive labels for the exhibit, I realized that the exhibit needed something to demarcate its entry point. I wanted to include maps of the region and to include historical context for visitors. I located historical maps and developed additional interpretive labels to accompany the maps. With these elements, I designed […]

Rio Grande Textiles Exhibit: Interpretive Labels

Interpretive labels provide visitors with information and the context: political, economic, societal, historical, and/or cultural, from which to view and better understand an exhibit. Accordingly, I developed a number of interpretive labels regarding key areas of interest, identified during my research into Rio Grande textiles. Blanket Weaving Techniques describes the two methods used to weave […]

Rio Grande Textiles Exhibit: Research and Report

When I began working on the Rio Grande textiles exhibit, I had no title for the exhibit because as yet I knew virtually nothing about the topic. Although I had begun reading books and journal articles about the textiles, initially I learned the most from my first visit to the Millicent Rogers Museum and their […]

Rio Grande Textiles Exhibit: Object Labels

Object labels are generally mounted adjacent to the objects in an exhibit and identify the object for the viewer. They usually include information such as: Artist or Maker and Year(s) of birth and death, the Title of the object and Date created, the Medium (material) from which the object was made, the Donor of the […]

Rio Grande Textiles Exhibit: Hanging the Textiles

With fabrication complete for the wood cleat mounting hardware and sewing complete on the textiles, it was time to install the hardware and textiles. Tom Worley from Facilities Services had fabricated the mounting hardware and continued to work with us on this part of the project. We did a test run of the mounting hardware […]

Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College, Colorado Springs, CO

The Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College in Colorado Springs, Colorado has a large collection of Rio Grande textiles. With hopes of viewing some of these, I contacted Polly Nordstrand, their Curator of Southwest Art. I met with her and Michael Lorusso, Assistant Registrar regarding various aspects of collections management. We began with […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet