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Serving Wench Sabotage By Elizabeth Young

Stacy is a serving wench at the Renaissance Festival, and she has a problem. She screams “Huzzah to the lovely tipper!” Then, out of sight, she sneaks sixty-five cents from the silver money box into her skirt pocket and whispers under her breath, “Sucker…” She shouts ice cream orders through the small window to the […]

Saved by Abby By Stacy Davis

The truth is I don’t feel the pain no more.  The tears still come, though they’re more or less just water runnin’ down my face.  It’s a strange feelin’, cryin’ when there ain’t no pain.  I guess I can’t control it much though.  I don’t know when it started, or why really, but the doc […]

London Underground

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Danny McCarthy, his partner Joe Fagan, and the West Side firm were all set to run amuck on the East Side boys. A twenty-five man army loaded to the brim with all the tools they need to cause absolute mayhem await the signal. The West Sides finest firm loaded up […]

Only Fools Forget

Its spring time in Seattle Washington and spring break is coming up. This would be my second spring break in America and I was going to do it with some style. My lady and I had been planning on going to visit her sister and family in Hawaii for a long time. Our obsession of […]

Untitled by Stacy Davis

Jen threw her covers off, crawled out of bed, and sat in her desk chair.  She stared at her bed, unable to blink.  It was dark and cold. She pulled her knees into chest and breathed deeply. “You win, bed. Tonight you win—again.” She glanced at the clock which flashed 2:41 am.  It had been […]

Home Away from Home

Jake Hughes The Paw Print That familiar sound of the kettle boiling whistled in the back ground as I scanned my bleak room for any more belongings, the time had finally come for me to move on to new pastures. The opportunity that I had long been dreaming about had come around and I was […]

Bitter Sweet

Jake Hughes The Paw Print I sat and glared out the window, watching and listening to the rain beat on the window creating a musical background for my thoughts. It was 2:00 in the morning and I still couldn’t sleep. The overwhelming thoughts of murder tainted my mind and kept me from thinking straight. My […]

Snake Eyes

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Under the safety net of a half cut log, I lay all snuggled and safe, watching these strange people who keep me locked in this glass fortress like a caged animal. These people are crafty; they just come and go as they please, thinking they rule over me. Sometimes these […]

“Blue Atoms” Short Story Feature: Part Four

Richard Flamm The Paw Print The morning had turned to burning day on his skin. Brad looked around frantically, repeating, “What?” and “How?” All that was left of the barn was a single rotting board lying sideways in the yellow grass. Brad moved to pick it up, but as soon as his hand touched the […]

“Blue Atoms” Short Story Feature: Part Two

Richard Flamm The Paw Print Brad’s brown bomber jacket stopped most of the morning breeze, but the faster he pedaled on his bike, the more chilled he became. The town was quiet and waking, bathed in the soft morning light hinting at the coming warmth of summer. The sound of the bike-chain rotating and the […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet