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Posts from ‘June, 2009’

Position Statement

The administration of ASC is proposing to change its name to ‘Adams State University’. The purpose of this change is not to change the institution or the college. Except in name, ASC is currently a University in every aspect. The purpose of this change is to improve our marketing opportunities as we grow in an […]

Google Calendar Event Feeds

Google Calendar Event Feeds are a good way to keep event information up to date on your site, especially if you are already using a Google Calendar.

June 2009 Security Tip: A Password is like a Toothbrush

Choose a good one, change it regularly and don’t share it!! Here is a review of tactics to use when choosing a password: Don’t use passwords that are based on personal information that can be easily accessed or guessed Don’t use words that can be found in any dictionary of any language Develop a mnemonic […]

Welcome Student Life bloggers

Its a whole new world over here at the Student Life Center.. big changes abound in the cross cultural center, and the loft.. check back for more info.

Tip: Kids and the Dangers of Social Networking

Social networking sites have morphed into a mainstream medium for kids and adults. (See advice for adults in the forthcoming July OUCH!) These sites encourage and enable people to exchange information about themselves, share pictures and videos, and use blogs and messaging to communicate with friends and sometimes even the world-at-large. While parents may feel […]

Advanced Search in Bricolage

Advanced Search in Bricolage is somewhat confusing. I’ll try to clear up this powerful feature and give some tips and tricks on using it.

Hello world!

Students at Adams State College bring entertainment to the masses!

Google Form – Screencast

In the launching of the Bricolage blog I’ve created a screencast to introduce you the the new element Google Form. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet