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Apologizing to Elephants

Linh Hoang The Paw Print Elephants show a depth of emotion, kindness, and love for one another. Each elephant has a story, and we humans are a part of that story. They are the largest land animal to walk the earth today. Everything about them is magical. Each family is led by the oldest female, […]

Supreme Court to Hear Marriage Equality Case

Abbie Stillman The Paw Print Human Rights have been an argument for decades as far as same-sex marriages are concerned. Many hold the belief that it is sin or that it is not natural. “They are choosing to love someone of the same sex. They chose their lifestyle.” I almost want to laugh in their […]

ASU Student Travels to El Salvador for Spring Break

Adrian Reyes The Paw Print ASU student Adrian Reyes participated in alternative spring break to El Salvador with a Newman group from Colorado Mesa University. He reflects, “I can’t find the right words to describe how powerful that experience was. When someone asks me about my trip, I am so excited to talk about my […]

What We Are Learning Through Baltimore

Collin Brooks The Paw Print Riots (or protests if you prefer) have broken out all over Baltimore. The city is on fire. These riots and protests find their genesis in the bizarre death of Eddie Gray. According to reports, Eddie Gray fled from police unprovoked after being encountered by the officers. After being arrested and […]

Why There Should be More Men in Tights

Rebecca Smith The Paw Print In 2014, Sean Lee of the Dallas Cowboys tore his ACL during a game. He was expected to miss the entire season due to his injury. This is just one example of players of any sport missing out on several games or even entire seasons because of an injury. However, […]

Anxiety, Panic Attacks and How to Overcome Them

Abbie Stillman The Paw Print Calm down, you can do this. You have been practicing for weeks, you know this information like the back of your hand, and you’ve got this! Oh man, I can’t do this, I can’t breathe! I have to get out!! Have you ever experienced feelings like these? You have been […]

On-Campus Presentation Defending Christianity

Collin Brooks The Paw Print It’s Easter season, and like most of the religious holidays in this country, the true meaning of Easter is lost and it is covered in the moss that is bizarre folktale and pagan roots. What exactly does it mean to celebrate Easter? Or perhaps the better question is what exactly […]

Alternative Remedies for Depression

Abbie Stillman The Paw Print Do you or anyone you know suffer from any form of depression? Most might suggest that because depression is a chemical imbalance in your brain, that maybe anti-depressants are your best bet. Funny thing about those anti-depressants, they actually do more harm than good. Sure, they work for many, yet […]

50 Shades of Feminism

Collin Brooks The Paw Print Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James has swept the nation, both the novel and the recently released major motion picture. The success of this story is no doubt evidence of its popularity. However, it certainly has received major criticism as well. As a book and movie that clearly serves […]

Why Should We Continue to Study History?

John Wiley  The Paw Print It was another day in the works for her high school education. As the teacher progressed from slide-to-slide on his Power Point presentation, she stealthily powered on her iPhone underneath her desk to see if her Twitter feed indicated any new notifications. This was a private school after all; phone […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet