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Ukraine is the Most Dangerous Place in the World – Warned Poroshenko

Steven Petrov The Paw Print “It is too early for Ukraine to be joining NATO” With the developing Russian-Ukrainian crisis that started almost a year ago, numerous speculations have come out linking the Eastern European republic to entering NATO, so that the international military organization can protect the small country from the aggressive and continuously […]

Participating in Special Interests Clubs is Fun

Arvilla Weldon Rotaract Advisor Dear Editor, Last week I submitted an article, but when it was rewritten it did not convey what I meant to say to show the ‘difference’ between joining a campus Special Interest Club and joining a campus Service Club. Special Interest Clubs are fun to belong to and I encourage students […]

Letter to the Editor: Some Clarification on Shahadah and Paradise

Dear Editor, I am writing in response to the article published November 10, 2011: ‘Her Name is Rachel Cory’ Coming Soon by Dr. David Mazel. I enjoyed reading about Dr. Mazel’s viewpoint and applaud his sympathetic tone to the Palestinian problem. However, I would like to clarify couple of points as mentioned in the article.

Cameron Responds to Dr. Shults Letter

Will Cameron The Paw Print Dr. Shults— If anything I would encourage you to continue your religious endeavors in the hopes that continued readings will lead you to forgive me for blaspheming your faith.  Faith is between yourself and God, and the First Amendment is merely a mortal law set forth to guide our government.  […]

Religion and Politics: A Volatile Mix

Dr. Joel Shults ASCPD Please convey my thanks to writer Will Cameron for putting me in my place. As a person of faith who, regardless of my failings, looks to sacred writings, prayer and meditation, and the wisdom of spiritual advisers as an essential part of shaping my world view and, indeed, my life I […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet