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Think Twice Before You Pick Up Your Next Snack

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Over the past year or so I have found myself paying more attention to what ingredients go into the foods I consume. Due to the increasing demand for people to eat healthier and watch out for certain ingredients in food like gluten, trans fats and sugar,  it has come to […]

Should We Allow Such Freedom in the Wild West?

Jake Hughes The Paw Print In recent years, our environment and the way we have been treating it has been a heated topic that many say should be a top priority. Another controversial subject parallel to that is, of course, finding a clean, renewable energy source that doesn’t cause more damage to the environment and […]

Guns: More Self-Protection or Harmful Weapon?

Jake Hughes The Paw Print How many times are guns actually used for self-protection, as opposed to inflicting harm on someone else? With the outbreak of firearm-related murders in the past decade, the cry for stricter firearm regulations is louder now than ever before. The controversial debate orients itself around keeping guns out of the […]

Conversation Habits and Myths with the Sexes

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Throughout the ages, men and women have sought after superiority in certain characteristics, and of course, today is no exception. Some women say they do all the shopping, while some men say they are the entertainer of the couple. Well, I bring to you today a new argument, one that […]

Social Media Outlet Changes to a New Sleek Look

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Don’t you just hate it when social media entities and other forms of communications change the style of your interface or merge with a totally unwanted party? Microsoft’s is now officially merging and being replaced with, whether you like it or not. Outlook’s popularity skyrocketed over the time […]

A Once Great Nation that Led the World in Education

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Nelson Mandela once said, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Yet, the education system, along with other crucial systems in the United States, is in danger of falling into the abyss. To be educated is the ability to make your own decisions […]

Is Higher Education Worth the Bill at the Summit?

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Springtime is here, and it’s time to consider our financial woes for the next school year. The mad rush to fill out and finalize scholarship applications for next fall has come and gone, and the worry is over. The stress of writing cover letters and finding a willing professor to […]

Barriers in the Nightmares of One’s Addiction

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Addiction. Some may be more prone to this than others, yet anyone can get addicted to just about anything. What is an addiction, we may ask? It’s the repeated use of a mood-altering substance whether it’s gambling, sex, drugs, or alcohol. People who are addicts do almost anything to get […]

A Raging Brain or Simple Hardwiring from the Start

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Race has been an issue highlighted, fought over and debated about since humans first met each other.  From whites to the blacks, Asians to Africans, eastern Europeans to central Europeans, race has always been a catalyst for conflict over the course of history. Why do we look at color before […]

A Call to be Self Sufficient if There Ever Was One

Jake HughesThe Paw Print With the increasing demand for people to eat healthier and watch out for certain ingredients like gluten or trans fats, the increasing number of controversial topics that have risen in our supermarkets, both internationally and at home in the US, come to no surprise. When we speak of topics like this, […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet