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112th Congress Ushers in New Era of Bipartisan Bickering

Anthony Guererro The Paw Print Rushing in with the 112th Congress, citizens can fully expect to endure two years of political theatre. The new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has vowed to repeal the Health Care Reform Bill that became law in 2010, as well as win the battle to continue the Bush-Era Tax […]

Religion and Politics in the Public Sphere

Dr. David Mazel Adams State College In a liberal democracy like the United States, when religious people step into the public sphere and argue for turning the government into an instrument of their theology, they open their faith up to public criticism. It cannot fairly be otherwise. If the marketplace of ideas is to function […]

Arizona Immigtration Laws

Anthony Guerrero The Paw Print            It is a sad time for the United States of America, as Arizona has passed a new “immigration law” which borders on similarities to Nazi Germany.  This law would make it illegal to be in Arizona as an illegal immigrant.  But that’s not where the problem lies.  It lies in […]

Health Care Reform is Passed After Long Process

Audrey Martinez The Paw Print One of the most talked about elements of the Obama administration policy is the universal health care plan. It is one of the most complex and least understood issues in American politics today.  The matter of this issue is that health care costs have shot out of control, leaving many […]

Obama Signs Health Care Reform After a 219-212 House Vote

Anthony Guerrero The Paw Print                        A historic moment occurred on Sunday, March 21, 2010.  The House of Representatives voted 219-212, with all Republicans dissenting, to approve the current Health Care Reform legislation that has been at the center of political debate for more than a year. This is a major victory for President Obama […]

Right-Wing Conservative Anger at All Time High

Anthony Guerrero The Paw Print Ever since the election of President Obama, right-wing conservative anger has been at an all time high.  It is understandable to be upset and devastated when your party is completely removed from power, when the other party gains a super-majority, and when you insist on continuing to believe in failed […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet