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College Checkered: A Few Thanks and Some Final Thoughts

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print Final thoughts: Here’s to my last column of the semester! I have compiled a list of closing thoughts: To the wonderful ladies in my life: Thank you for giving me a chance to be a friend to you. It’s hard to find good lady friends. Especially for someone who’s used […]

College Checkred: To the Men in My Life, Thank You

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print To the guy that always keeps things in perspective: Who grounds me when my heart and head go completely haywire during an emotional break down. The man who tells me, “shut the hell up and lets go get a damn beer” during my soapbox speech of how much I hate […]

College Checkered on Novembeard: Time to Man Up

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print It may seem like a bold statement but I’m willing to say it, November is the best month. I’m sure each and every one of you have your favorite month and you may agree or disagree with my choice but I’m going to explain why November kicks so much ass. […]

College Checkered: Dear Undeclared Majors

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print I can’t say that I fully understand what it is like to be in your place. I have always known what I wanted to do, even at a young age. But I can understand what it feels like to be lost and unsure of yourself. The question of “what do […]

College Checkered: RAPPIN’ 2011 Conference Reminds RA’s to Begin with the End in Mind

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print This past weekend, I was lucky enough to attend RAPPIN’ 2011 in Provo, Utah. This is a conference that is held every year for resident assistants all across the nation. Anna Dean, Alexandria Guthrie, Kellicia Morse, Jordan McHenry, Megan Hart, and Darius Czerny accompanied me.

Ladies and Social Media Jealousy

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print Ladies, I know that with this headline you’re probably thinking; “there she goes, bitching about how the media utilizes Photoshop and advertisements to make us all feel insecure.” Well, you are correct about how unfairly media portrays women in our society, but today I am talking about another type of […]

College Checkered: On Friends with Benefits

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print I’ve been noticing this happening lately: “Let’s be untitled, not get into the whole boyfriend/girlfriend titles.” That’s right, I’m speaking about the phenomenonon called “friends with benefits” and it seems to be a common occurrence at ASC. Friends with benefits have gained popularity in the dating scene as more college […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet