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Posts on ‘March 6th, 2014’

Russia Invades Crimea on the Ukraine Peninsula

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Russia has moved troops into a Ukraine territory, Crimea, and has declared they will remain there until the situation is resolved. Russia is said to be protecting Russian interests and citizens. A number of Russian soldiers have surrounded multiple Ukrainian military bases blocking any troops entering or leaving. The military […]

The Art of the InstaCram

Reuben Chavira The Paw Print What is it about waiting until the last minute that transforms lethargy into hyperactivity? It’s as if some primal instinct is triggered, some survival mechanism of the mind, becoming a resource for students in distress. It’s a quasi-impressive ability that the general college population possesses. We all know that patience […]

The Heart of La Puente: A Veteran’s Way Home

Weston McConnell The Paw Print I first found out about La Puente 3 years ago when a buddy of mine came as an AmeriCorps member. I had the amazing opportunity of coming out and volunteering for about a month with him.  So in January, 2013 when he texted me that the shelter really needed another […]

Is Our Democracy a Deeply Flawed System?

Corey Daniels The Paw Print Do you believe in suppressing minorities? In a democracy you are supporting this very thing every time you vote. What you are supporting is a system of tyranny by the majority. If 51% of the people vote to violate your rights or take your property and you are on the […]

Simple Steps for Getting Through a Breakup

Jessica Shawcroft The Paw Print Break-ups are tough! They can leave people heartbroken and confused about the relationship or ever dating again. Usually one person comes out on top, while the other feels left in the dirt, kicked on and upset. I thought about ways people can work to get over their past break up. […]

To Keely By Reuben Chavira

1. Get up and come kiss me when I walk into the room. Not because I said so, but because there will come a time in your life, where you will be so lonely it hurts. You will question what you’re worth. But I have loved you since your birth. I have watched over you. […]

The Unsung Ensemble By Reuben Chavira

The Adams Wind Ensemble assembled themselves last Thursday night in Leon Memorial Hall. They assembled in memory of past musicians, to pay homage to past composers, to pay tribute to those former students who once danced with the winds. It was an intimate gather of diversity, where harmony reverberated through the airwaves. Such glaring differences, […]

The Face of an Angel By Reuben Chavira

When a 3 year old princess of a child hands you a Barbie, you play barbies with her. No machismo, no ego; all high-pitched voice and smiles. She’ll walk you through it, correct you if you call Barbie the wrong name, or encourage you if she sees you being lazy. She’ll be patient with you, […]

One of the Most Profound Religions

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Islam is one of the world’s most profound religions, yet, it is seen as one of the youngest. Islam is culturally strong within the Arab group of people. People who follow Islam are called Muslims, meaning “surrendered to god.” Islamic roots date back to the beginning of time which gives […]

Horoscopes for the Week of March 6th-12th

Madam Shawcroft The Paw Print Aquarius 01/20-02/18 Your antenna seems primed to seek out unusual experiences. You may be looking for opportunities that offer something a little bit different. Plus, social plans may have you in good spirits as the move of Venus into your sign paves the way for fun events and new friendships. […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet