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Posts on ‘April 11th, 2013’

Meet Your Candidates for AS&F

Executive Board President Michelle Little I want to apply to be a Presidential candidate because the AS&F organization has done a great deal for me. Over the past four years I have seen the campus undergo a makeover with many technological, faculty and campus growth. I know AS&F has been a key player in that […]

ASU Track and Field has Successful Meet Saturday

Kaymarie Jones The Paw Print   Kayon Robinson put on stellar performance for the Grizzlies this past Saturday and proudly led the Adams State University track and field team towards the upcoming NCAA Outdoor Championship. On game day, Robinson recorded a national leading time of 23.45 seconds in the women’s 200m and ran a superb […]

Hope for Strong Rockies Season

Rachel Heaton The Paw Print   Classes are screeching toward semester’s end, things around campus are starting to grow, and, for the most part, I can walk to class in the morning without seeing my breath. Yes, spring is certainly in the air, and with it comes my favorite time of year: baseball season. Year […]

Possible Gun Negligence Leads to Recent Deaths

Rachel Decker The Paw Print Gun safety is an issue that many fail to acknowledge. Most people would agree that being cautious around weapons is necessary, but as of 5pm Tuesday, two young children in different cases have shot and killed friends and family. Many blame the incidents on gun negligence. Six-year-old Brandon Holt was […]

EARTH Group Sponsoring ASU Earth Week Events

Peter McDill The Paw Print The Environmental Action for Resources, Transportation and Health Group, or EARTH Group, is sponsoring ASU’s annual Earth Week events from April 22-28. Led by EARTH Group Coordinator Dr. Jared Beeton, the group will push to increase awareness and education about the ASU community living a proactively more sustainable lifestyle. When […]

Conversation Habits and Myths with the Sexes

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Throughout the ages, men and women have sought after superiority in certain characteristics, and of course, today is no exception. Some women say they do all the shopping, while some men say they are the entertainer of the couple. Well, I bring to you today a new argument, one that […]

ASU’s Dirty Little Column with Dr. Doitright

Dr. Doitright is not a real doctor or mental health professional. The doctor’s advice should not be taken seriously.  Dear Dr. DoitRight: Is it annoying to talk about everything that happens during the day? My friend told me the other day that I need not tell him all my day because it’s extremely annoying. I […]

“Blue Atoms” Short Story Feature: Part Two

Richard Flamm The Paw Print Brad’s brown bomber jacket stopped most of the morning breeze, but the faster he pedaled on his bike, the more chilled he became. The town was quiet and waking, bathed in the soft morning light hinting at the coming warmth of summer. The sound of the bike-chain rotating and the […]

On the History of Lacrosse and Our ASU Team

Helen Smith The Paw Print The first American sport, lacrosse, is here at Adams State for its third season. Head coach John McCreery recently shared some of the history of the sport as well as his thoughts on the program. Lacrosse originated with five nations of Indians in early America, predating European arrival. Lacrosse was […]

Artificial Sweeteners: the Good, the Bad, and the Splendid

Tri-Beta Club As you may know, there is much controversy over the effects of artificial sugars on your body.  For example, the University of Texas performed a study that has shown that there is a 41% increase in the risk of obesity for every diet soda consumed daily. Don’t let the statistics fool you, though, […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet