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Posts on ‘November 15th, 2012’

ASU Football Shuts out Mavericks to Finish 8-3

Rachel Heaton The Paw Print With the help of a record breaking performance by senior kicker David Van Voris (Elizabeth, Colo.) the Grizzlies marched past Colorado Mesa University 19-0 in Saturday’s final regular season contest. The Grizzlies finish the season at 8-3 overall and 6-3 in Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference (RMAC) play. This is their […]

Volleyball Finishes Regular Season with Wins

Dominique Davis The Paw Print The last two regular season volleyball matched for the Grizzlies were luckily both home games in Plachy Hall on Tuesday and Friday night. With the regular season coming to an end, and an intense round of playoffs soon to follow, the Grizzlies were more than ready to bring their best […]

Swim Team Defeats Mesa Again

Jessica Palacio The Paw Print Saturday afternoon the Grizzly swimmers took on Mesa State for their first home meet of the season. On the woman’s side the grizzlies swept the meet with first place finishes in every individual event and wins in both relays, defeating the Mavericks 138 -67.  While the men were unable to […]

2012 Presidential Election Results Full of Surprises

Tanner Elliott The Paw Print “Four-more years,” was the message that was sent all across the United States on Tuesday, Nov. 6. Barrack Hussein-Obama was re-elected as President of the United State this previous week, becoming the 14th President to serve more than one term. At 11:20 p.m., networks across the country begin saying that […]

New York Crime Down After Hurricane Sandy Hit

Rachel Decker The Paw Print The New York Police Department has been on standby, waiting for the reports or crime to come in by the hundreds. With Hurricane Sandy barreling through the east side, crime rates were expected to rise rapidly. Vandalism, assaults, burglaries, and other offenses are often doubled when such incidents happen. However, […]

Relationships are the Oldest and Greatest Problem

Erik Weinberg The Paw Print The Oldest and Greatest Problem. I was released from my geology class early the other day and I found I had a few extra minutes to myself. I wandered around campus a little and found myself in the SUB. A particular advertisement caught my eye. In large, foot tall letters, […]

College Checkered

It’s 3:58 a.m. I sit at the corner of the edge of my bed twisting my hair that falls on my face into tiny locks. Switching from laying on my stomach, lying upside down, sitting straight up, lounging on my side. The cool breeze has set into motion in Alamosa, the nights are chilly and […]

Have You Ever Met the Man with the Golden Heart?

Amy Scavezze La Puente Volunteer Glenn D. Williams is a strong, tall, 61-year-old (but you’d guess 45) man who walked into Rainbow’s End Alamosa last December wanting to volunteer. At that time I was the store manager so showed him our stash of vacuums and asked him to clean all the floor rugs.  Six hours […]

Fight for your Right to an Education and Be Thankful

Amita Manandhar The Paw Print People who have the privilege to get education never realize how lucky they are. We sit in our air conditioned classrooms and still complain about having to study. We never realize that there are some people who are fighting for their right to get education, and some who never have […]

Just Another Accessory to Weigh Down our Wit

Jake Hughes The Paw Print Can smartphones solely change the way we interact? In order to keep connected to what is going on in the world, as a nation and as part of the human race; we have attached ourselves to our smartphones in a compulsive attempt to stay in tune with the social norms. […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet