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Posts on ‘March 5th, 2010’

AS&F Constitutionand Bylaws

For the past few months, the Adams State Associated Students and Faculty (AS&F) has been working for to revise its constitution and bylaws. These considerable changes are being made to improve how this organization is run. Many minor changes have been made in order to make the document more concise and specific. This includes better […]

Patrice Sullivan and Masters of Arts Galleries

Toni Ortivez The Paw Print   Last Friday the art department held its second lecture by visiting artist of the semester. Patrice Sullivan, a visiting painting professor from Colorado State University, presented the lecture after being introduced by Adams State College’s professor of painting, Eugene Schilling.

Smoke Free Campus?

Cody Schuman The Paw Print It has come to my attention in recent weeks that the Adams State Senate and Faculty have been discussing the possibility of transforming the Adams State campus into a completely smoke free campus. A couple of weeks ago, a student filed a complaint with AS&F concerning smoking here on campus.

Fantasies and Nightmares

Samantha Saville The Paw Print   The two plays which ran last week in the Xperimental Theater Sleeping Beauty and Henry Flamethrowa had a very successful turnout. Sleeping Beauty started off the evening with a laugh. A light comedy about a woman’s daydream, the play almost had the crowd in tears.  

Adams States’ Beast

Cody Schuman The Paw Print Basketball is often a game associated with athleticism. The greatness of a player is measured through physical features such as size, strength, and explosiveness. While pure athletic ability is vital to becoming a great player, it is often overrated.

Movie Review: “Rear Window”

Toni Ortivez The Paw Print                 Last Thursday evening, Professor Eriksen had the second movie showing of the semester for students in the Art Building. Eriksen showed the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film “Rear Window.”  For public student viewing, these movies are held in the art department due to copyright laws and department polices. However, many […]

Dorm Life Just Got Sweeter

Brenda Figueroa-Gonzalez The Paw Print Excitement ran through the halls of Coronado A-wing on Tuesday, March 2. The newly renovated halls were open to the public from 1 to 5 p.m. Director of Housing, Bruce DelTondo was present to meet students and to discuss the renovations of the residence hall. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet