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Top Five Albums You Haven’t Heard Of

Kelby Sinka The Paw Print               Since the first person put together the first mix, people all over the world have continually done the same. We’ve come a long way from the art of the mix-tape that I grew up with. Now we have CDs, mp3 players, and software for our phones which hold […]

Mariachi Spectacular Brings CHeers from Richardson Hall Audience

 Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print   On Saturday, March 27 music and cheers could be heard from Richardson Auditorium as the Mariachi Corazon del Valle performed along with Semillas de la Tierra. The concert showcased Mariachi San Luis, directed by Frank Vigil, and La Familia Branchal and Mariachi Encantadoras Del Rio Grande, both directed by […]

Percussion Spectacular

By: Nicole Plowright On Tuesday November 10th Adams State College Department of Music put on the Percussion Spectacular in Richardson Hall. The concert opened with “Head Talk” by Mark Ford. This piece was done by the Percussion Ensemble on old heads of drum sets. The entire piece was performed in a comical fashion that had […]

KASF Radio

By Sharvez Hudley How do you feel when you hear news about 90.0 KASF radio?  By now the feeling should be positive because KASF is proud to announce that they are finally redesigning the station to better benefit the San Luis Valley. KASF is stepping out of the box and finding more ways to serve […]

Creed Comeback

Anthony Guerrero On, Monday, October 26th, Creed released its first album in almost a decade. They have cleverly titled the album “Overcome” to allude to the fact that the band has overcome all of its previous controversies and challenges. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet