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Movie Review: The Wolfman

Armando Montano The Paw Print This original 1941 classic was remade and re-envisioned in this year’s The Wolfman, a horror tale following the strange tale of a cursed man who transforms into a murderous monster on every full moon.

Movie Review: Cop Out

Armando Montano The Paw Print Following in a long tradition of buddy cop movies, this year’s newest addition to paired partner comedies is Cop Out, starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as the newest police partners.

Movie Review: “Rear Window”

Toni Ortivez The Paw Print                 Last Thursday evening, Professor Eriksen had the second movie showing of the semester for students in the Art Building. Eriksen showed the 1954 Alfred Hitchcock film “Rear Window.”  For public student viewing, these movies are held in the art department due to copyright laws and department polices. However, many […]

Daybreakers: A Vampire Thriller of the Future

Armando Montano The Paw Print Following the recent trend of vampires in movies, the vampire action thriller Daybreakers is sure to have many fans of this near-apocalyptic battle between humans and vampires. In the near future, a sudden plague swept through world transforming a majority of the Earth’s population into vampires. The human race is […]

Movie Review: Ninja Assassin

Armando Montano Many college students revel in the release of any new martial arts film, particularly those involving Ninjas. While the newest Ninja movie is sure to have peaked interests of many fans, Ninja Assassin may not be exactly what movie goers are expecting. The film follows the plight of young ninja assassin Raizo, a […]

Movie Review:A Christmas Carol in Review

By Jesse Medina With the Holiday season comes the slew of Christmas movies that wait ever so eagerly to debut.  This year Disney has given us A Christmas Carol. Almost everyone is familiar with the Charles Dickens classic A Christmas Carol but leave it up to Disney to put a somewhat different spin to it.  […]

Movie Review: 2012

Armando Montano With the deadline approaching rapidly, fears of the end of the world in 2012 are coming to life, especially in the Science fiction disaster film, 2012.  Set in present day, 2012 deals with the end of the present world as predicted by the Mayan long-count calendar.

Movie Review: The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

Armando Montano Fans of the cult classic original, The Boondock Saints, may find themselves giddy in anticipation for the sequel. Boondocks Saints II sees the return of all those vitally involved in the original, Troy Duffy returns as director while Sean Patrick Flanery and Norman Reedus return to reprise their roles as two brothers who become graced vigilantes.

Movie Review: Saw VI

Armando Montano This Halloween, a grisly and disturbing annual Halloween tradition is continuing with the sixth installment of the Saw film franchise. Saw VI opened in theaters on October 23, 2009 to a throng of secret fans ushering in a new year of blood, guts, and violence.

Movie Review: Astro Boy

Armando Montano For fans of Anime and Manga, the story that started it all has been revived once again and is now in theaters as a computer-animated take of Osmamu Tezuka’s Astro Boy. Astro Boy follows the creation of an android boy made in the image of Dr. Tenma’s deceased son as he comes to […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet