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Posts under ‘Goal 5: Promote, Advocate and Celebrate the History and Culture of the San Luis Vally’

Strategy 5-1

Annually, encourage, support and host related cultural events to include: Autumn at Adams, Hispanic Heritage Week, Mariachi Spectacular, and San Luis Valley Heritage Day.

Strategy 5-2

Annually, continue to sponsor groups, such as Semillas de la Tierra, and the El Parnaso Club that celebrate the Hispanic culture and heritage.

Strategy 5-3

Implement a Hispanic cultural studies minor/major. • Appoint a study committee during 2010 • Complete a feasibility study during 2011 • Implement the degree program by 2013

Strategy 5-4

Become an active participant in the Hispanic Association of Colleges and Universities (HACU). • Annually, send an ASC delegation to the National HACU meeting • Participate in Colorado HACU activities • Provide support and funding for the local Cultural Awareness, and Student Achievement (CASA) Organization

Strategy 5-5

Continue to support the Luther Bean Museum. • Provide additional assistance, and staffing to the Museum as funding becomes available • In 2010, celebrate the Museum’s 35th anniversary • Provide assistance in locating, and writing grants to support cataloging of the museum collection, and infrastructure improvements

Strategy 5-6

Support local artists, and arts through community art exhibits through the venues of Community Partnerships, and the Luther Bean Museum. • Host 2-3 exhibits, per semester in the Luther Bean Museum that focus on collections belonging to ASC employees, alumni, or retirees • Schedule a monthly community exhibit in the Community Partnerships Gallery is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet