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Posts under ‘Goal 4: Build Financial Stability’

Strategy 4-1

Invest in the college infrastructure. • Develop and manage revenue streams for capital investment offsetting depreciation (Capital fee controlled maintenance funds for building, technology, equipment, and construction) • Starting in 2010, fence off a percentage of tuition increases for capital investment • Pursue state capital construction appropriations, and state controlled maintenance appropriations annually

Strategy 4-2

Maintain sufficient General Fund reserves. • Maintain an adequate unrestricted reserve fund balance (at least $5 million unrestricted fund balance) • Maintain an adequate debt service coverage • Establish and preserve controlled maintenance endowment funds • Maintain Higher Learning Commission (HLC) annual financial ratios at acceptable levels • Monitor Foundation reserves

Strategy 4-3

Maintain pricing flexibility. • Maintain A3 rating through Moody’s • Formally evaluate all tuition, fees, housing, and other rates against competition • Formally evaluate tuition and fee rates against available Financial Aid resources

Strategy 4-4

Insure operating effectiveness. • Continuously monitor revenue and expenses • Review financial statements monthly, report results, and any recommended adjustments • Review bond covenant reports quarterly for compliance • Prepare, and defend annual audit report • Conduct the annual campus budget building process, engaging the campus community

Strategy 4-5

Increase ASC’s grant writing capacity. • During 2010, join the American Association of Colleges and Universities Grant Resource Center (GRC/AASCU) • During 2011, increase accounting support for Sponsored Programs • During 2011, develop a plan to provide incentives for grant writers and departments

Strategy 4-6

Develop additional revenue streams. • During 2010, pursue Title V Grants (Institutional Grant, PPHOA (graduate) Grant, Cooperative Grant) • Develop a Capital Campaign Fundraising Drive for the Rex Residence Hall, ES Building and Music/Leon Buildings • Pursue new grants to supplement funding (Educational activities, Luther Bean Museum, Community Outreach, etc.) is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet