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Posts under ‘Goal 2: Apply Assessment Data to Improve Academic Quality’

Strategy 2-1

Implement a cohesive academic assessment program that addresses Higher Learning Commission (HLC) concerns regarding assessment practices, and that ensures participation by all academic programs. • Dedicate funds and create a new position of “Assessment Coordinator”

Strategy 2-2

Determine and implement an assessment plan for General Education. • General Education Coordinating Committee (GECC) in conjunction with academic programs determine assessment plan for individual General Education courses • General Education Coordinating Committee (GECC) determines method for assessment of General Education outcomes for all ASC graduates • Academic Departments determine method for assessment of General […]

Strategy 2-3

Embed assessment and use of data into program review process. • Modify program review process to ensure that academic programs address identified weaknesses in the subsequent academic program reviews is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet