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Posts on ‘September 4th, 2013’

The Heart of La Puente Welcomes the New Year

Caitie Ryan-Norton The Paw Print The last few weeks around Adams State University have been a fairly quiet haven for the local mule deer. Slowly students, faculty, and staff have been trickling back to campus or joining the campus community for the first time. The first few weeks of the semester are sure to be […]

The Fine Art of Balancing School and Your Life

Pauline Vigil The Paw Print Every student who is trying to survive the riggers of work and school, while also trying to maintain a social life, has their methods of survival. “Catch up on sleep when you can.” – Faith Vigil Faith runs from class to work, and after work she hangs out with friends. […]

The Proposal to Lower the Cost of College Fees

Jessica Shawcroft The Paw Print President Barak Obama has a plan to help lower the cost of college! The goal here is to provide students at higher rated schools less expensive loans or bigger grants. President Barack Obama is proposing to change the federal student aid programs to help struggling college students through their education. […]

Deadly Ingredients Of Which We Should All be Aware

Jake Hughes The Paw Print In today’s prosperous society we have an abundance of food. We have so many options and different food types that sometimes it’s hard to sort out the bad from the good. There is an increasing demand for people to eat healthier and watch out for certain ingredients in food like […]

Back to School and How to Find a Job

Jessica Palacio The Paw Print First off, welcome back to all our returning AS&F and a simple welcome to the students and faculty who are new to the Adams State community. Now that everyone has had a little bit of time to settle in and get back into the swing of classes, I am sure […]

Bionic Ears and 3D Printers! What’s Next?

Tri-Beta Club “We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster.” When The Six Million Dollar man aired in 1973, the technology needed to combine biology with machinery was far out of our reach. Now, it is right around […]

Get Off the Bandwagon and Make a Commitment!

Rachel Heaton The Paw Print Right now, the Colorado Rockies are a dismal (62-72), good enough to put them 16.5 games back from the division leading Los Angeles Dodgers. As a lifelong Rockies fan, it’s always hard to see my team steadily dropping toward the bottom of the pack and each year I’m disappointed when […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet