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Daily Crime Log for Jan. 17- Feb. 27

Daily Crime Log Brought to you by the ASCPD

Southern Colorado Film Commission Bringing Movies and Television to San Luis Valley

Megan Smith The Paw Print Colorado Film Commission is a non-profit organization built to bring film production to the Southern Colorado region. In the past it has brought producers such as Steven Spielberg to use the Cumbres and Toltec Railroads and a house in Antonito as a back drop in the film “Indiana Jones and […]

ASC Previews PBS Documentary “Pushing the Elephant”

Jesse Medina The Paw Print The film, “Pushing the Elephant” opened at the Carson Auditorium on March 1 at 6:30 p.m. The film was a shortened version of a full length documentary that is scheduled to air on the PBS series Independent Lense later on in March.

Science Saturday Concludes at Semester’s End

Samantha Saville The Paw Print Science Saturday is a program for children throughout the Valley that has been run for almost two years. Dr. Randy Emmons has been the fearless leader of this program since the community partnership was finished in September 2009. This program is paid for mainly by grants and with the amazing […]

ASC Honors Doug Shriver and Ray Wright with Endowment

Kim Vialpando The Paw Print During last March, the San Luis Valley agricultural public lost two very important members in a tragic incident. Doug Shriver and Ray Wright were longtime famers of the San Luis Valley. They were both great outdoorsmen and leaders in natural resource conservation, both of land and water. The two men […]

Adams State May Face Tuition Increase Next Year

Toni Steffens The Paw Print Adams State College students may face a tuition increase next year if Governor John Hickenlooper’s proposed budget cuts are approved. The governor presented his revised budget proposal to the Joint Budget Committee on Feb. 15. The proposed cuts to education from K -12 through colleges and universities would likely affect […]

112th Congress Ushers in New Era of Bipartisan Bickering

Anthony Guererro The Paw Print Rushing in with the 112th Congress, citizens can fully expect to endure two years of political theatre. The new Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has vowed to repeal the Health Care Reform Bill that became law in 2010, as well as win the battle to continue the Bush-Era Tax […]

Improving the U.S. Starts with Improving Education

Lance Hostetter The Paw Print Who wants a tax increase?  I sure don’t.  But, that’s not the point.  We all would like a tax decrease.  It’s money in the bank, another penny saved.  That’s nice for Mr. and Mrs. John Q. Taxpayer (to quote Warden Norton from the Shawshank Redemption).

The Genocidal God of Sen. Joseph Lieberman

Dr. David Mazel Adams State College Joseph Lieberman, senior senator from Connecticut and former vice presidential candidate, is on most political questions a reasonable man. But when it comes to American policy toward Israel, his religion makes him a fanatic.

ASC’s Dirty Little Column With the Delicioius Dr. Love’s

Dr. Chocolate Thunder and Professor Vanilla Lightning are not real doctors or mental health professionals. Their advice should not be taken seriously. Dear DLC, My current boyfriend is a little too verbal in bed. He won’t shut his mouth during sex, and it drives me crazy. How do I stop him from being a chatterbox […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet