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Posts on ‘April 21st, 2010’

Intersession into the Future

Samantha Saville The Paw Print Since the world is moving at a much faster pace today, the education system has had to adapt as well. The intersession program is a new program at Adams state college. The new program offers accelerated online courses from general education courses to courses specific for your major. These classes […]

EARTH week

Cody Schuman The Paw Print Last week, Adams State College celebrated EARTH week with a number of fun and entertaining activities scheduled all throughout the week. The club prides itself on performing activities and volunteering to improve the community and preserve the Earth’s wonderful nature.

The Heart of La Puente

 Chas Culp Getting involved in your community is a great thing to do, not just because it looks good on your resume, or because you have those several hours of community service you’ve been putting off for that one class this semester, but simply because it will change you.

Dirtty Little Column: April 22

  Dear DLC: There’s a really hot girl who works the counter at the bookstore.  I think she flirts with me, but I’m not sure. I mean, she’s nice to everyone.  I want to ask her out but I’m not good at rejection. What should I do?

30 Seconds to Mars’ Return to the Music Scene

Toni Ortivez The Paw Print There have been many big name bands releasing their follow-up albums these past few months. Many of them have had great success with their previous albums and, in an attempt to keep riding the gravy train, have recorded more songs for their fans to fawn over. However, it is a […]

Same-Sex Marriage: Everyone Should Have the Right to Love

Dominique Davis             Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to get the chance to know very determined and whole-hearted people. One of the most driven people I know would have to be my competitive volleyball coach from high school. Every single day before practice, he would gather us all in a circle and […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet