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Posts on ‘October 1st, 2009’

Constitutional Rights and Wrongs at ASC

Anthony Guerrero South Coloradan College is a noisy place by default.  There are noisy dorms, obnoxious students, loud parties downtown and rowdy conversations in the halls.  Usually though, the campus offers a place where you can escape—a  place where you can sit down, read a book, do important research, surf the internet, type a term […]

A College by Any Other Name…

Opinion by Dr. David Svaldi, president of Adams State College “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” A college that changes its name to university should remain fundamentally the same.

Lincoln’s Legacy and Slavery Questioined in Lecture

Armando Montano South Coloradan Dr. Ed Crowther, ASC’s Chair of History, Government, and Philosophy, gave the latest Faculty Lectures,  “Lincoln: Race and Slavery” on Wednesday, September 23rd. The presentation began at 7:00 p.m. in Porter Hall 130, and was followed up by a discussion driven by questions from the audience.

Volunteer Fair Encourages Community Outreach

Jesse Medina South Coloradan Adam State College hosted the Volunteer Fair on Wednesday, Sept. 23.  The courtyard outside the E.S. Building was transformed into a colorful fair, with brightly colored tents and students all around.

Luther Bean Museum Honored with Feature in Smithsonian Magazine

Nancy Blevins South Coloradan Smithsonian Magazine featured Adams State College’s Luther Bean Museum recently, to coincide with the Museum day on September 26.  Museum Day is a day filled with all kinds of events around the globe as well as free admission to the museums on the venues list.

Artifact of the Month From Adams Luther Bean Museum

Cheryl Ravens South Coloradan No. 2 Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye Camera Model C* No. 2A Folding Cartridge Hawk-Eye Camera, Model B* The Luther Bean Museum proudly showcases two folding cartridge Hawk-Eye cameras as artifacts of the month for September, 2009.  First, a little bit of the history behind the cameras. Boston Camera Company manufactured a line […]

Mysterious Disappearance of Danice Day Revived

Anthony Guerrero South Coloradan Valley students and residents may vividly recall the mysterious case of the disappearance of Danice Day on January 9, 2002. Day was from Monte Vista, Colorado.  What followed were many speculations.  In a small farming community like Monte Vista, the rumors never failed, as everyone had their own version of what […]

Pictures Posted on Facebook

Ashley Grover South Coloradan People will post just about anything on social networking sites. Sites such as Facebook and MySpace have become popular networks for socializing and sharing pictures. What many people may not know is the risk associated with sharing personal information through social networking on the internet. The information you post on Facebook […]

Dirty Little Column

Dear DLC:  My boyfriend is very metro, wears eyeliner when he goes out, and has a little mermaid poster on his wall.  Past week or so, he has TURNED ME DOWN FOR SEX!!!! Is he gay? DGL:  I don’t know, have you asked him?  He’s probably the only one who can tell you if he’s […]

Athlete of the Week:Dustin Bolt

Adams State College sophomore football player Dustin Bolt has been names as the and South Coloradan Athlete of the Week for his efforts in last weekend’s games against the New Mexico Highlands Cowboys. As a slot receiver Bolt had six catches for 161 yards and one touchdown. As a punter he averaged 29.8 yards […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet