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Posts on ‘September 24th, 2009’

Poetry Reading at Luther Bean Museum

Nancy Blevins South Coloradan It was a cool evening with a small gathering around a podium, listening quietly to the poets’ voices, waiting for their words to strike a chord. As with every event there are always individuals who can’t refrain from talking or shuffling in their seats, distracting others. Nor can you help your […]

Dirty Little Column

Dear DLC:  So I just found out that the girl I’ve been seeing for three months ran a background check on me before we went out the first time.  I feel violated and offended.  Why would she do that? DGL: I wasn’t aware that this sort of thing was available for the common person. Where […]

ASC Art Department Partners with Local Artists

Nancy Blevins South Coloradan Upon entering the ASC Community Partnerships Art Gallery you are greeted by a man made of tape in a box of bottle caps. The insides of his feet are partially filled with plastic caps, a unique way of recycling and even better way of attracting attention. Groups of school kids created […]

Movie Review: Halloween II

Armando Montano South Coloradan This past August marked a possibly-finite end to one of horror film’s most recognized and brutal characters with the release of Rob Zombie’s sequel, Halloween 2.  Written, directed and produced by Rob Zombie, the sequel to the 2007 remake of the original 1978 Halloween was the tenth and possibly last film in the Halloween series. The film […]

Adams State College Police Reports

9/1/2009       1109h          Theft                  Plachy Hall 9/1/2009       1400hrs        Sex offender           ASC 9/1/2009       1130hrs        Theft                  ASC 9/1/2009       1430hrs        Auto Acident           Plachy 9/1/2009       1800h          Theft                  Rex Locker 9/2/2009       1930hrs.       Theft                  Rex gymnasium 9/4/2009       0005h          Info/harassmt          ASC 9/4/2009       0150hrs        MIP                    Girault 9/4/2009       2250h          Information            Loft 9/6/2009       1559 hrs       Criminal               Plachy Hall Mischief  Report 9/7/2009       0146h […]

Constitutional Rights and Wrongs at ASC

David Mazel South Coloradan Students, does Adams State College illegally restrict your rights to freedom of expression and freedom of conscience? Absolutely, says the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). According to its website, FIRE’s mission is to “sustain individual rights at America’s colleges and universities.” Much of its work involves flushing out policies […]

An Opinion on the Healthcare Debate: Obama and Healthcare Reform

Anthony Guerrero South Coloradan Death Panels.  Forced abortions.  Death to grandma.  Socialist Nazi America.  Scenes from a dystopian horror movie you ponder?  Nope.  They are the latest fabrications from the conservative Republican Party to block any thought or motion on proposed health care reform.  As one Republican congressman recently said, if they can “stop Obama […]

Dr. Peggy Johnson Ads Experience to HHPE

Samantha Saville South Coloradan Dr. Peggy Johnson is a new full-time teacher in the HPPE department here at Adams State. She teaches K-6 methods, senior seminar, and supervises all practicum field experience. These classes are subject to change as she completely fills her full time position. Dr. Johnson has been teaching for Adams State College […]

Dr. Crowther’s Intensity Sparks Speech

Armando Montano South Coloradan The September 17 lunchtime talk on Darwinism was an event that continues the 150th anniversary of the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species celebration here at Adams. As part of the 6 Annual Autumn@Adams, the discussion, “Darwin and America’s Soul’, was presented by Dr. Ed Crowther in porter hall 130. The […]

Cash Prize for Newspaper Rename

As most readers have noticed, the Adams State College newspaper has been nameless.  After deciding South Coloradan is not representative of the ASC community, the newspaper staff and ASC Communications Board has decided to hold a semester long competition for the renaming of the ASC newspaper. In order to enter the competition, submitters need to […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet