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Posts from ‘May, 2011’

the fisherman’s song of despair

una cancion desesperada or oncorhyncus mykiss by aaron abeyta in my trout dream you are twin to the dawn the pearl of your belly that is the sky in the brief breaths    the moments of sunless light    a wash of pink guazing at the center of you ghosting away at your caudal edges […]

love poem on stone

i’ve loved her perhaps not like i should have but more like the specks of white thinnest and scattered salt blended into this stone she is the blade of grass from scripture the green and crescent hand of the river whose sweat she rolled into this stone this stone whose river voice has kissed at […]

the fragile vessel

this fragile vessel is four hummingbirds darting   hovering   tasting at lilacs like bees   they seem to have only one purpose to find what is sweet or beautiful    to linger at the colorful mouths of returning spring the fragile vessel that is four hummingbirds has wings that cannot be seen my body that is also four hummingbirds like bees seems […]

Review of Rise, Do Not Be Afraid

High Country News contributor Annie Dawid reviewed Rise, Do Not Be Afraid.

Welcome to my blog

I’ll be posting information about events, new work, and more.

New Premium Themes

We have added new themes for our WordPress users. These themes have more customization options than other themes. Multiple color schemes are available on all of these themes. Here is a list of the new themes available today: Backstage Biznizz Caffeinated Cityguide Continuum Crisp Elefolio Freshnews Skeptical Activating Themes To change to these themes login […]

Ahh another semester under my belt! Yesterday at 2:00pm I finished my last final! The last month of school is always the most stressful! I have had so many projects and papers that were due. It feels great to be done! I am also a Junior now! I am officially half way done with college! 🙂 […]

Bye Bye Dorm Room

Today was the last day of classes! You know what that means? It means my sophomore year of college is almost over! Whoop Whoop! I just have to complete my finals next week and I done! I am also saying bye bye to the door rooms! I had a lot of fun in the dorms […]

NFL Lockout Now More Likely Than Ever

Jesse Medina The Paw Print   Football is one of the most popular sports in the entire world. One could go about anywhere and find some trace of NFL regalia. Super Bowl Sunday itself has become a national holiday, effectively shutting down most of America.

Bin Laden’s Death Beneficial for Humanity and Peace

Lance Hostetter The Paw Print About a year ago I wrote a column centered on the basic idea of John Donne’s “Meditation 17.” In the meditation, Donne writes a rather poignant paragraph pondering the loss of human life and the correlation to the rest mankind: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet