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Linking Tips

1.  For email Links:  Always type “mailto:” in front of your email addresses.  The format should look like this: Get more info on email links 2.  If you are using a link list to link to pages or pdfs that were created within Bricolage, always use the “link to story” or “link to media” elements […]

Refresh Your Bricolage and Web-Writing Skills

Hi All! I’ve recently updated the two tutorial sites on Bricolage and web-writing. During this summer, you may want to go through them again to refresh your knowledge about: 1. How to use our Content Management System 2. How to get your point across on your pages

Using Alternative Text to make your web site more accessible

Mike and I are trying to make our site more accessible to users with vision challenges. These users browse the web using a screen reader. A screen reader allows visually impaired users to access web sites by interpreting sites and reading them aloud. It can also send that information to a Braille reading device. The […]

Naming Links for Mobile Users

Mike and I have been thinking a lot about how we can give users a good experience when they use our site with mobile devices. One of these ways is to name links as clearly and precisely as possible.  When online with a phone or tablet – a user no longer has a cursor that […]

How to Link to an Email Address

Use this syntax model: and paste the address into either: the “Insert Web Link” (click on the link icon) in a content block: the URL of “External Link” (Link List Element) For example, if I wanted to link to Mike Henderson’s email address, I would use this format: Watch a Video to find […]

How to Replace a PDF on your site

Are you are in the process of replacing old pdfs on your site?  Here are some tips to make this process easier: Do Not: create a new media element if you only want to replace a pdf that you have already uploaded into Bricolage. Do This Instead: Rename the new replacement pdf file exactly as […]

Need a refresher on Content Blocks?

Find out more about the Bricolage “Content Block” element.

Training for the new Bricolage

Bricolage Users – it’s time to find out about the new changes Mike has made to elements in Bricolage. Let’s meet upstairs in the Art Dept – Room 222.  For your convenience, I’ve set up two times to go over the below material:   11am Thursday, December 15th 9am Friday, December 16th In both sessions, […]

Deleting stuff in Bricolage

It’s tricky to delete stories and media (pdfs) in Bricolage.  If you feel you must delete something, here’s a screen-cast on how to do it. If you need them, here are instructions for how to best view the screen-casts. For more info on Bricolage and web writing in general, see all Bricolage Tutorials and look […]

Bricolage 2.0 Live

Bricolage 2.0 is now live. Make sure to brush up on your Bricolage skills with the brand new screencasts. As always, please let us know if you run into any problems. is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet