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Posts under ‘Goal 1: Cultivate a Student-Centered Environment’

Strategy 1-1

Commit to purposeful student-centered services, programs, and policies; and align resources to allow students to take advantage of learning and social opportunities at ASC. • During 2010, expand the student club sport program to include Volleyball and Skiing • During 2010, develop a Student Mental Health Policy to assist students, faculty and staff in identifying […]

Strategy 1-2

Employ student-centered practices in the learning environment. • Starting in 2011, provide faculty development in student-centered learning strategies to include active learning strategies • During 2011, provide general funding to institutionalize the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching (CELT) Program • Continue to expand the use of Service Learning Programs

Strategy 1-3

Actively promote a campus environment that values student advising and counseling. • Beginning in 2010, provide training to faculty and staff advisors on current advising techniques, and best practices • During 2010, dedicate funds to establish a Student Success Center to house all student support services • During 2011, hire additional Advisors/Intervention Specialists to improve […]

Strategy 1-4

Gather, analyze, and report information specific to student programs, and service quality to help improve student retention, and student satisfaction. • Utilize national-based surveys, such as, Noel-Levitz, National Survey of Student Engagement, etc. to help assess current programs, and create new programs that have a proven record of student retention improvement

Strategy 1-5

Use the Student Capital Fee revenue stream to upgrade student housing, and provide additional social, and athletic venues for students. • Complete remodel of Coronado Residence Hall A wing during Spring 2010 • Remodel Coronado Hall D wing during Spring and Summer 2010 • Remodel Girault Residence Hall during Summer 2010 • Complete a new […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet