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Posts from ‘October, 2014’

Health To-Go: Fast Food

Jessika Vandivier The Paw Print Welcome back readers! I don’t even have to ask if you participated in the challenge from last issue, because I know everyone was extremely healthy these past couple weeks. I for one made sure to put my laptop across the room so I would have to get up and walk […]


Nick Spencer My fellow students pay close attention and try to learn something in this week’s psychology column. I say this in the most sincere and honest way possible! I’m currently in Social Psychology with Dr. Kelso (which is awesome btw), and we were assigned a reading that most people could benefit from. Have you […]

Veritas: Body Language: The Unspoken Language

Erica Ulibarri Have you ever wondered what another person is feeling? You watch them from across the room and you notice they’re sitting with perfect posture, they’re well dressed, and have great hygiene. The person next to them is fidgety, avoids eye contact, and is reluctant to show emotion. Although you haven’t met these people […]

Facebook Messenger Has Become an Absolute Sensation

Steven Petrov The Paw Print The messenger app proved that Zuckerberg can create more unique products The controversial decision of Facebook to transform Messenger into a separate mobile app is finally paying off. Researches show that during the majority of the time in the last 2 months, Facebook Messenger has been the most popular app […]

Mass Comm Department Unveils Changes to Courses

Beth Bonnsetter The Paw Print ALAMOSA, Colo. – The faculty of the Mass Communication program at Adams State proudly announce their course offerings for the spring of 2015. The program has a couple of new courses that the faculty anticipates students will enjoy. Beth Bonnstetter will be teaching COMM 255 Fundamentals of Media Communication, which […]

Girl Code and Guy Code Comedians at ASU

Kailie Hartman The Paw Print MTV’s Girl Code and Guy Code comedians brought some colorful comedy to campus on October 9. For homecoming weekend Nicole Byer and Kevin Barnett put on a comedy show at 8pm in the Plachy gym. Both Byer and Barnett shocked the crowed with raunchy jokes that were equally uncomfortable as […]

ASU Homecoming Parade 2014 Was Out of this World

The Homecoming Parade on Main Street on Saturday, October 11 was a success. Local families, as well as students, lined the streets to show their support at this festive event. The parade began with the Veterans Club, followed by alumni in classic cars. After that, every ASU sponsored club was in attendance. Several of the […]

Everybody Should Just Love Everybody

Noah Schafer The Paw Print I’ve been noticing that people have been getting less and less polite as the years go by. I’m talking on the basis of guys to women and women to guys. Now of days if you are polite to a girl and still have some chivalry, it means you like them. […]

Documentary Ethics: The Varying Levels of Honesty

Stephen Jiron The Paw Print I was able to attend Danny Ledonne’s lecture on Documentary Ethics. His Presentation was three fold. The first section introduced the definition of a documentary and the purpose. So let me just define it really quickly: a documentary is a movie television or radio program that provides a factual record. […]

POET club Wins Best Presentation

Reuben Chavira The Paw Print On October 2nd and 3rd, the POET club travelled to Minnesota to attend an academic conference hosted by the Center for Scholastic Inquiry. Not only were they there to attend, but were also accepted as student presenters, presenting their research on Dynamic Skill Theory and Social Movement in Education. It […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet