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Posts on ‘February 16th, 2012’

College Goal Sunday Helps Students Find Funding

Armando Montano The Paw Print This past Sunday, Feb. 12, many students were able to take advantage of College Goal Sunday.  The event helped students to find sources of funding for their education through various financial aid programs set up through the college, both from the state and nationally.

New Master’s in Music Education Program at ASC

Johnna Keever The Paw Print Adams State College was recently accredited by the National Association of School’s and Music to add a new Music Department Master of Art in Music Education program.  This program is coming at a great time for the Music Department and for Adams State. Many changes have happened at Adams State […]

Wall, Smith, & Bateman Donate to Food Bank Network

Stephany Nellessen La Puente Volunteer The Food Bank Network would like to recognize Wall, Smith, Bateman & Associates for raising $1,000 to support three of the San Luis Valley’s food banks—Monte Vista, Center and Del Norte, this year. In the past, Wall, Smith, Bateman & Associates have used this money to host a Christmas party […]

College Checkered: Dear Reader, You Are Beautiful

Brenda Figueroa The Paw Print You are absolutely beautiful. Everything about you is beautiful. I love the way your hair is unruly and sometimes covers your eyes. I love your smile. I adore your skin, the color it bares, and every mole and freckle that accessories it. Your laugh is contagious and despite how shy […]

Harry Potter Books Charged with Supporting Witchcraft

Rachel Decker The Paw Print Laura Mallory is at it again. The mother of four from Atlanta, Georgia is going after the Harry Potter books, claiming they promote evil and witch craft, and, according to Mallory in a comment made to MSNBC, “they help foster the kind of culture where school shootings happen.”

Stop and Frisk Policies Create Permanent Criminal Cases

Nathan Crites-Herren The Paw Print It took 41 shots for New York Police officers to realize that the man they had just brutally killed was unarmed.  Amadou Diallo was entering his home in Brooklyn, when police mistook his wallet for a gun and released a hail of gun fire his way.  Four police officers fired […]

Scholar of the Week: February 16

Nathan Crites-Herren The Paw Print Crossing borders to realize her dreams, Judith Martinez has had a unique journey to academic excellence.  Martinez, originally from Chihuahua, Mexico came to Colorado with her parents while still in High School.  “Although I couldn’t speak English at the time, I wanted to prove to my brother that anything is […]

ASC Students Participate in Evening of Speed Dating Fun

Ryan Dufresne The Paw Print Some Adams State College students participated in speed dating on February 13. The student orientation staff sponsored the speed dating event. This event was only two dollars and after this event was a dance that was free to the participants of the speed dating. But if a person was not […]

Milagros Open Mic Poetry night Showcases Diverse Talent

Jose Orozco The Paw Print “The Ouroborus, a symbol of a snake eating it’s own tail.  The Phoenix, a legendary bird that is reborn from the ashes of its own death. Perpetual motion, motion with no beginning and no end.”  These were some of the common themes to be spoken at Milagros Open Mic Poetry […]

ASC Student-Directed Plays Address Controversial Issues

Rachel Decker The Paw Print Adams State College was in for a real treat this past week when the play “Thoughts Become Decisions”, featuring the two student-directed plays “Bang Bang You’re Dead” and “Orange Water Flower”, premiered and wiped out the box office all five nights. The shows were nothing short of emotional roller coasters […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet