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Posts on ‘September 15th, 2010’

Adams State Police will Issue Parking Tickets Starting Sept. 27

Students are reminded to pick up their free on-campus parking decal and follow new parking regulations, said Ken Marquez, assistant vice president for Student Affairs. He noted the Adams State Police Department will begin ticketing cars parked inappropriately Sept. 27. Until that date, warnings will be posted on cars in violation of regulations.

ASC Construction Continues, Projects Still Incomplete

Jesse Medina The Paw Print The new construction project to give Adams State College a new facelift is still continuing. Several facets of the construction project are still underway and are not due to be completed until spring semester of 2011.

ASC Cares Volunteer Fair

ASC Host it’s Annual ASC Cares Events. ALAMOSA (August 6) Adams State College is preparing for the Eighth Annual ASC Cares Volunteer Fair and the Tenth Annual ASC Cares Day Community Plunge.

Inequality of Modern Equality: Effect on CHildren with Working Parents

Mariann Lumsargis The Paw Print Sweat glistened off her brow. The steaming pots of bubbling and boiling food, her restaurant customers, and the baby all simultaneously screamed at her. Dirty laundry and dirty dishes piled up like colossal skyscrapers, blocking out the light. The phone began to shriek like a disturbed banshee. When she finally […]

Adams State College’s Dirty Little Secret Column With the Dr. Love’s

Dr. Goodlove and Professor Toughlove are not real doctors or mental health professionals. Their advice should not be taken seriously. Dear DLC:  My boyfriend has cheated on me in the past.  Recently he re-added his ex as a Facebook friend and has been chatting with her.  I asked him to delete her and stop but […]

ASC Campus Safety Starts With You

Sara Wilbur and James Dwyer The Paw Print Every year a new batch of freshmen move away from home and onto a college campus. Being away from home for the first time can be scary enough, add not knowing where anything is located or who people are, and the new environment can be extremely threatening. […]

The Silent Epidemic of Rural Homelessness

Lance Cheslock The Paw Print Rural homelessness is a silent epidemic afflicting thousands of individuals and families every year.  The plight of the rural homeless receives little attention, and subsequently, only meager federal and philanthropic resources have come forward to address the problem.  The result is often called “Greyhound Therapy” meaning that the rural homeless […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet