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Posts from ‘November, 2009’

Parking Crunch Angers Community

By Samantha Saville “Slipknot’s okay, but starting my day with that is not exactly inspiring,” said Bill Golsam when he was explaining how the parking crunch on campus is affecting his parking at his home one block away. “I often have to park down the block instead of in front of my own home.” Mr. […]


By Cody Schuman Registration for next semester’s courses began November 2. Classes are filling up fast so students are encouraged to register as quickly as possible if they have not already done so. Before students may register, they must first set up a meeting with their personal academic advisors. The purpose of these meetings is […]

The San Luis Valley Symphony plays Leon Memorial Hall

By Jesse Medina Adams State College hosted the San Luis Valley Symphony November 7 at the Leon Memorial Hall. The event featured many of Adams State’s own students as well as including several members of Alamosa’s community.  The symphony consisted of violins, the viola, cellos, double bass, the flute, oboe, clarinets, bassoon, trumpet, horn, and […]

Valdez named Grizzly Club Member of the Year

Armando Montano Steve Valdez, member of the Grizzly Club Board of Directors, was recently named Grizzly Club member of the year. Valdez has done much for the local community as well as serving Adams State College through the various works he contributes to. He frequently volunteers at La Gente, has served for the past two […]

Women’s Glass Ceiling

*Author Unknown at this time. Some people say women are luckier to be in the United States than anywhere else in the world.  No where else in the world do women have more opportunities and freedoms than they have in the United States.  But is it true?  Two recent reports on gender equality tell a […]

Percussion Spectacular

By: Nicole Plowright On Tuesday November 10th Adams State College Department of Music put on the Percussion Spectacular in Richardson Hall. The concert opened with “Head Talk” by Mark Ford. This piece was done by the Percussion Ensemble on old heads of drum sets. The entire piece was performed in a comical fashion that had […]

House Passes Version of Healthcare Bill

By Cody Schuman Over the weekend, the House of Representatives passed their version of the healthcare bill with a narrow margin 220-215. The vote turned out to be much closer than many suspected, considering the huge majority the democrats have in the house. The nearly 2,000 page bill did included the, highly debated, “public option,” […]

Computing Services Maintenance for November 11, 2009

The campus print server will be down for roughly 30 minutes while memory testing is performed. Printing will be down throughout campus during this time. All maintenance is performed after 9:00 PM.

25 November 2009 System Status

Banner will go down at noon on today (25 Nov 2009) and be unavailable until 30 Nov 2009. For students, web-based school services will be down but WebCT will not be impacted. If you have any questions please call the Computing Services Help Desk, today, at 587-7741. The Help Desk will not be available during the Thanksgiving break.

Medical Marijuana

Ashley Grover It’s being seen all over the news. People are going undercover to see just how easy it is. It’s medical marijuana and is becoming a major controversy. The U.S. is now searching for ways to crackdown on medical marijuana because it is feared that getting a license for it has become too easy. […] is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet