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Inspiring, Outstanding, Excellent: Faculty Awards a Success

The annual AS&F Faculty Awards was held on April 13, 2011 at the Blue Foxx in Alamosa.  The theme of the evening was “Inspiring, Outstanding, Excellent;”  the nominees this year seemed to truly characterize these words according to the students who nominated them. 

Thank you to all of the students who took the time to nominate and recognize all the hard-work that our Adams State College faculty and staff do; this year had the most nominations AS&F has seen yet.   

Thank you to our ASC Faculty and Staff for all that you do.  We congratulate this year’s nominees and award recipients!

Excellence in Student Centered Instruction
Award Recipient: Dr. Linda Reid
Nominees: Dr. Laura Bruneau, Sheryl Abeyta, Dr. Martin Jones, Dr. Linda Reid
Excellence in Academic Advisement
Award Recipient: Dr. Teri McCartney
Nominees: Cindy Whitney, Dr. Teri McCartney, Dr. Robert Benson
Excellence in Student Engagement
Award Recipient: Margaret Doell
Nominees: Aaron Abeyta, Peggy Filer, Margaret Doell, Dr. Benita Brink
Excellence in Extra Curricular Advisement
Award Recipient: Oneyda Maestas
Nominees: Pat Robbins and Oneyda Maestas
Excellence in Research and Publication
Award Recipient: James Bedard
Nominees: James Bedard, Dr. Timothy Armstrong
Outstanding Professional Staff Member
Award Recipient: Cecil Fell
Nominees: Cathi Lucero-Connell, Isabel Medina-Keiser, Cecil Fell
Outstanding Classified Staff Member
Award Recipient: Carol McCann
Nominees: Sally Kelly, Maxine Rodriguez, Carol McCann

Winding Down the Year: Reminders

Wow!  It is almost summer time for ASC, only a few more weeks!

AS&F wants to take the opportunity to remind everyone of a few things that are still going to be happening before the end of the year.  As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback and participation!

  • Elections for the 2011-2012 AS&F Government are coming up soon!  Be on the lookout for an email with more details on the process.  Voting should be completely online this year; making it fast, easy, and convenient for all of Adams State!


  • Changes to the AS&F constitution will be voted on by the AS&F Government in the next couple of meetings.  Please take the time to look at some of the ideas that have been proposed so far in our blog We Want to Hear From You!  Let your Senators and Represenatives know your thoughts on the changes, and let your voice be heard!


  • Outstanding Faculty and Staff will be recognized at the Faculty Awards Banquet taking place on Wednesday, April 13th.  Pictures, nominees, and award recipients will be posted after the event.

AS&F Government Elections for the 2011-2012 Year

AS&F is looking for great leaders to run for both Legislative and Executive Postitions for next year!  Packets for both positions are below.  If you have any questions or would like more information about position duties feel free to contact us, or stop on by the office!  All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged and welcome to run.

To run for a Senator Seat:  2011-2012 Fall Legislative Election Packet[1]

To run for an Executive Board position:  2011-2012 Spring Election Exec Board Packet[1]

We want to hear from you!

AS&F would like to open an invitation to see what you would like to see the same or different for next year!  Feel free to leave a comment here, on our Facebook, or to our email Here are some ideas that have already been noted as ideas. 

NOTE: These are simply ideas, and a venue to share ideas; as of now, none of these have been adopted into the constitution and are simply suggestions. 

Also note that your ideas do not have to remain within just constitutional issues, we would love to hear all ideas, or feedback that you have for the betterment of AS&F.  If you have any further questions, you can also contact Program Assistant Carter at or Chief Justice Harlan at

Constitutional Ideas for Next Year

Conflicting section of the bylaws

Article V. Section 6. of the Constitution States:
  • Section 6.  AS&F Senators and Club Representatives may introduce new legislation by sponsoring a bill, which shall be presented at an AS&F Government meeting.
Article 1. Section 2b. of the Bylaws States:
  • Section 2b. Bills may be authored by any member of AS&F that pays dues but can only be sponsored by a Senator. The same person cannot both author and sponsor the same bill.

Change the amount of funding for airfare in the travel section

Make tangible items section more clear

Article VII. Elections Section
  • Timing?
  • Shadowing/Training Rule
Article XII.  Section 2b and Section 2c.
  • Change the timing requirements for each meeting to current rules
Penalties for missing meetings for both senators and representatives? Suggestions include:
  • Making it a point penalty after a certain amount of unexcused absences
  • This would be the same with continual changes to the representative seat
  • Ideas about Senators?
  • Perhaps giving incentive for each club?
Article I. Section 3c.
  • Attire for meetings?
Article I. Section 3b
  • More specific as far as old and new discussion

Article 3 Sections one should have club representatives included on the list.

Article 4 section 4c needs to be removed since this council does not exist anymore.

Freshmen senators should be the same GPA requirement as for regular senators, currently the requirement is 2.0 on a 4.0 scale as stated in article 5 section 2a

Amendments to the constitution should also be published in the paper not just in senate records

(article 7 section 4a)in the bylaws we should specify how run off elections are held

Should the impeachment and removal hearings happen at the same time since removal hearings determine the course of action that should be taken after an impeachment?

Article X section 3d of the bylaws should be changed to Club Sport Council

Important Updates to the Quarterly Process

AS&F is getting back into the swing of things and working hard to ensure that we are meeting your requests to continually improve and make the quarterly process a little easier everytime.  Here are some important reminders and updates for the 3rd quarterly that is coming up on February 21st.

  • **UPDATE** In addition to submitting your bill, all bills requesting funds will now have to attach the New Funding Request Form.  This single form takes the place of the previous multiple forms to itemize funding breakdowns.
  • Deadline for ALL COMPLETED bills is on January 31st.  Absolutely no exceptions will be made for late material.
  • Remember to look over Presenting: From Daunting to Prepared for tips and hints in preparing and presenting your bill. 
  • Please make sure to allow yourself and your club ample time to make changes if needed.  Don’t wait until the last minute to ask for help!
  • If your bill is in need of a sponsor, please contact senators directly. 
  • Reminder that VP of Finance Craig Salmon is charged with vetting all bills.  Please contact him to set up a meeting if you need extra help, or want to ensure that your bill is ready to go.  In addition, members of the executive board and the program assistant are in the office many hours per week, please feel free to stop on in for any questions.  If we don’t know the answer, we will try our best to help you find out!