President Courtney Hocking

Courtney Hocking


Major: Political Science

Minor: History: Sociology

Graduation Year: Spring 2022

Hometown:  Pueblo, Colorado

Hobbies & Interests: 

  • Reading
  • Local Politics
  • International Relations

Other Leadership Roles & Involvement: 

  • New Student Orientation
  • Ethics Bowl
  • Model United Nations
  • Pen and Inkwell Club

What is your favorite place on campus?

My favorite place on campus is the CoRE Student Life Center! There is plenty of space for relaxation and studying (and my office for working). 

Why did you join AS&F:

I joined AS&F because I wanted to be a part of change on campus. Being a student leader is an incredibly rewarding experience. You gain the opportunity to meet amazing people and accomplish things you’d never think of doing.

What are your goals for AS&F:

  • Close gaps of inequality
  • Support students with a variety of needs
  • Share the student voice and opinion with ASU Administration


Office Hours:

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: Flexible dependent on meetings, typically 11:00AM-12PM

Tuesday/Thursday: 8:30AM-12PM

Job description:

  • Preside over all meetings of the AS&F Government
  • Acts as the Chief Executive of the Executive Board of AS&F
  • The power to approve or veto any legislation or motion passed by the AS&F Senate
  • Appoint, subject to Senate approval, the AS&F Vice President of Finance
  • Appoint, subject to Senate approval, an Executive Secretary
  • Appoint, subject to Senate approval, a Chief Justice
  • Serve as a member of any committee as deemed necessary by the AS&F Government
  • Training and orientation for AS&F government (including senators and reps)
  • Writing senator and new club bills
  • 10 office hours per week, spread over 5 days is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet