2012 Faculty Awards

Faculty Awards 2012

The Academic Committee of the Associated Students and Faculty Government is proud to continue tradition with the 2011-2012 Students Faculty and Staff Recognition Awards.  The purpose of these awards is to give students the opportunity to acknowledge inspiring and exceptional educators, mentors, and friends who go beyond the call of duty. The purpose of this event is to acknowledge these hard working faculty and staff for their continuing efforts to improve students’ learning and involvement at Adams State College.

In realizing that students are very busy, we have simplified the nomination process this year so that more students have the opportunity to nominate a faculty or staff member that has made a difference in their learning and college experience. The nomination process is detailed below.

Award Categories

(Note: All awards are open to only undergraduate and graduate students’ nominations unless otherwise noted.)

  • Excellence in Student Engagement: A faculty member who excels in his/her commitment to interactive student learning.  The faculty member is one whose relationship with students is professional, personal, and effective, while also perpetuating a fun and involving learning environment.
  • Excellence in Student Centered Instruction: A faculty member who excels in high quality classroom instruction, methods of teaching, and styles of teaching.  The faculty member is one who created a student-centered learning environment, and actively pursues the enhancement of student learning through exceptional classroom teaching techniques.
  • Excellence in Student Academic Advisement: A faculty or staff who is an exceptional advisor for students and on both the curricular and personal levels, contributing a great deal of motivation and drive for students to succeed to their full potential at Adams State College.
  • Excellence in Research and Publications: A faculty member who has published works in academias that are of great importance to the disciplines in which they work and teach.  All published works are qualified for nomination.  Nominations should be submitted only by department heads and academic administration.
  • Outstanding Professional Staff Member: An outstanding professional staff member of the Adams State College campus. Nominations accepted from students, faculty, and staff.
  • Outstanding Classified Staff Member: An outstanding classified staff member on the Adams State College campus. Nominations accepted from students, faculty, and staff.
  • Excellence in Extra-Curricular Advisement: An outstanding Faculty Advisor to an AS&F recognized club or organization on the Adams State College campus. 

How to Nominate

  1. Fill out the Nomination Form, and include any extra information you would like describing why your nominee deserves the award.
  2. Submit to the AS&F Office, or email to Travis Blancett at  ascasf@grizzlies.adams.edu
  3. All completed nominations are due by March 2, 2012 at 5pm.

Invitations will be sent out in mid-March, and awards will be presented at the awards banquet on April 5, 2012.

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