Club Points System

Will be updated as more events are approved to fulfill points

Welcome Week: 5 pts per event

Other points:
September Club fair: 5 points

Homecoming week points:
Homecoming kickoff and workshops: 5 points
Chalk the walk/banner making: 5 points
Adams Family Feud (being in the audience): 5 points
Medicine Show: 20 points (15 for the show, 5 for the rehearsal)
Bonfire: 5 points
Wagon Rides/ Petting Zoo: 5 points                                                                     Parade: 20 points
Royalty: 5 points

Other service points:
ASU Cares Day: 10 points
All other community service: 5 points

Any other campus events as approved by AS&F: 3 points

To find out how many points your club has, contact VP of Internal Affairs Brittany Wilson:

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