Chief Justice Ashley Espinoza

Ashley Espinoza

Major: Music Education & Music Performance

Minor:  Spanish

Graduation Year: Spring 2022

Hometown: Sanford, Colorado

Hobbies & Interests:

  • Making music
  • Playing sports
  • Hanging out with friends

Other Leadership Roles & Involvement

  • Former AS&F representative for ASMES (formerly known as (NAfME)
  • Member of ASU concert band

What is your favorite place on campus: Music building

Why did you join AS&F: I joined AS&F because I want to be the voice of the students and make sure EVERYONE is heard.

What are your goals for AS&F: My goals are to make sure that every student, teacher, and department are heard. We all have voices and all of the deserve to be heard.


Office Hours: 

Monday/Wednesday/Friday: 8AM-9AM & 12PM-1PM


Job Description:

  • Jurisdiction on any disputes arising from interpretations of the AS&F Constitution and Bylaws
  • Manage student concerns from the AS&F body
  • Head of the investigative committee
  • Appoint justices to court
  • 6 office hours per week, spread over 3 days
  • Required to attend all meetings (unless excused by the President) is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet