December’s Meeting (12/16-17/16)

Ho Ho Ho! Happy Holidays!

What better way to spread holiday cheer than with information about our latest Board of Trustee meeting! So here we go, I know y’all just finished finals and probably don’t want to read a crazy long blog post, so I’ll try and keep it short! Here’s the Top Five Things You Need to Know!

  1.  National Center for Historically-Undeserved Students – The Board gave approval of a resolution for the NCHUS to pursue formal establishment of the center as an affiliate of Adams State University. If you do not know what the NCHUS is then please follow this link: It is a wonderful idea and  we are very lucky to have VPAA Dr. Chris Gilmer who initiated the project as part of our administration.
  2. Degree Works Budget Request – This is so exciting y’all! The Board approved an expenditure of $152,092 to cover the hardware and implementation of Degree Works. Now I know what y’all are thinking, “That’s a lot of Money!” But this program is predicted to save the University money in the long run as well as the students! Degree Works is a great program to help students keep on track for their degree and not waste money on classes they do not need to take.  Here are some of the features of this product;
    1. Degree Audits and Tracking – helps students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion
    2. Student Planning Tools –  map out students’ academic journey to keep them on track for graduation
    3. What-if and look-ahead analyses – help students understand how courses and majors affect degree time lines
    4. Advising Notes and user-friendly GPA calculators – enable real-time counseling capabilities between adviser and the student
    5. Web-based exception processing and waivers – streamline internal processes and help students and advisers understand a student’s current status faster.
    6. FAIR WARNING: The Program will take about 9 months to be implemented, but if you would like to know more you can follow this link:
  3. ASU 2020 Update – This was pretty interesting.  As some of you know, the University has a Strategic Plan that should be completed by the year 2020. This update showed that we have already made great progress in it and Administration believes that this plan can help them get off HLC Probation. To see the Full Plan, follow this link:
  4. December Graduation Demographics and Student Outcomes Data – As a numbers guy, I loved this presentation.  It was extremely interesting to see this graduating class demographics and our retention rates.  Now I know y’all are probably getting sick of this damn links, but this is the last one:
  5. Saying Goodbye to fellow Trustees 🙁 – And last but not least, we had 2 Trustees and our Attorney  that will no longer be serving with us. I have been able to get to know each of these people and I will definitely miss them! Goodbye Leroy Salazar, Paul Farley, and our Attorney Jessica Salazar! I will Miss Serving with you on the Board!

Well there you have it! The Top Five Things You Need to Know about our last BOT Meeting! AS&F looks forward to this next semester and wishes you all a very happy holidays and winter break! is powered by WordPress µ | Spam prevention powered by Akismet