2016-2017 Senators

Business Senators
Cody Trujillo- trujillocm3@grizzlies.adams.edu

Biology Senator
Shania Martinez-martinezm9@grizzlies.adams.edu

HAPPS Senator
Sean Erice – ericesj@grizzlies.adams.edu

Music Senator
Alissa Morones- moronesam@grizzlies.adams.edu

First Year Senator
Eddie McNulty IV-mcnultyea@grizzlies.adams.edu

Job description
— Attend all AS&F Government meetings
— May introduce new legislation by sponsoring a bill, and presenting the bill at an AS&F meeting
— Act as a liaison between the Adams State community, the senator’s individual school, and the AS&F Senate
— Act in good faith for the better of the entire Adams State University community
— Maintain professional and respectful language and behavior throughout AS&F Senate meetings

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