2014-15 Senators

Job Description

  • Attend all AS&F Government meetings
  • May introduce new legislation by sponsoring a bill, and presenting the bill at an AS&F meeting
  • To act as a liaison between the Adams State community, the senator’s individual school, and the AS&F Senate
  • To act in good faith for the better of the entire Adams State College community
  • To maintain a professional/respective  language and behavior throughout AS&F Senate meetings

Senator of Arts and Letters

Natalie Acurio

Senator of Business
Cody Morton

Olivia DeHerrera

Alfred Petross

Non-Traditional Senator

Michael Rugg

Faculty Senator

Dr. Nick Saenz

Math, Science, and Technology Senator

Heather Shoats

S.A.A.C Senator

Patrick Clery

Freshman Senator 

Ysabel Evans

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