How to Start a Club

How to start an AS&F Recognized Club

Step 1: Thinking of an Idea
— What is missing from Adams State culture that you would like to see?
— What will be the purpose of the club? (Activism, Volunteering, Fun, Support, Competition, Academic, Sport, etc.)
— How do others fit into your vision for the club?

Step 2: Gaining others Interest and Support
— Talk with other Students.
— Once the communication door is open to your vision, ask others to spread the word to another couple of students. It might surprise you how fast your word can get out just by word of mouth.
— To start an AS&F club, you only need a minimum 5 members.
— Talk with Faculty/Staff. Not only can they help you spread the message about your idea, but may believe in it as much as you do and offer to be the advisor.
— A club advisor must be selected prior to becoming an AS&F club.

Step 3: Making it Happen
— The VP of Internal Affairs, Heather Shoats, is here to help you during the process. Please feel free to stop in and chat with her during her office hours, or email at
— Fill out a New Club Packet. You can print it out from our blog (under the “other forms” tab) -OR- you can pick on up at the AS&F office, which is located in SUB Student Life Center
— Once packet is complete, please return to VP of Internal Affairs in the AS&F Office at least 7 days before you plan on formally presenting your club at the AS&F meeting.
— Formal Presentation of your club to the AS&F Government

Step 4: Have Fun with it and Keep your Club Active
— Retain a minimum of five members
— Have a current club advisor
— Maintain a current constitution on file with AS&F
— Accumulate at least 10 points in activities each budgetary year

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