2010-11 Club Reps

Job Description

  • Attend all AS&F Government meetings
  • May introduce new legislation by authoring a bill, helping to find a Senator sponsor, and presenting the bill at an AS&F meeting
  • To act as a liaison between the Adams State community, the representative’s individual club or organization, and the AS&F Senate
  • To act in good faith for the better of the entire Adams State College community
  • To maintain a professional/respective  language and behavior throughout AS&F Senate meetings

Club Representatives and Contact Information

Clubs Club Representative Club Representatives E-mail
ACDA Julia Nicholas nicholasjm@grizzlies.adams.edu
ACME Liz Brownlow ascacme@grizzlies.adams.edu
ADAMS ATOMS Tyler Christensen christensenta@grizzlies.adams.edu
ART LEAGUE James Crane cranejr@grizzlies.adams.edu
ASSNA Elizabeth Espinoza espinozaea@grizzlies.adams.edu
Cheer Linsey Nelson nelsonls@grizzlies.adams.edu
CIRCLE K Carlos Wiggan wiggancr@grizzlies.adams.edu
DIVERSITY & MULTICULTURAL Okeesitta Clay clayov@grizzlies.adams.edu
HPPE  Tiana Hicks hickstc@grizzlies.adams.edu
JACMA Josh Wohlrabe wohlrabejj@grizzlies.adams.edu
Latter-day Saint Student Association Melody Lawson lawsonml@grizzlies.adams.edu
MENC Shelby Dawson dawsonsa@grizzlies.adams.edu
MODEL UN  Joseph Chavez chavezj004@grizzlies.adams.edu
NEWMAN CLUB Joe Kelso kelsojc@grizzlies.adams.edu
PARNASO Angelita Ramirez ramirezaj@grizzlies.adams.edu
PBL Savannah M Schlaufman schlaufmansm@grizzlies.adams.edu
POKER CLUB Nichole Cordova cordovano@grizzlies.adams.edu
PSI CHI Alex Espinoza espinozaar@grizzlies.adams.edu
PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Jacque Archuleta archuletajk002@grizzlies.adams.edu
SCI/FI David Hargis dhargis@adams.edu
Semillas de la Tierra Vanessa Barela barelavc@grizzlies.adams.edu
TRI BETA Casey Penland penlandcs@grizzlies.adams.edu
Mock Trial  TBA

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