Open Senate Seats

If you are interested in becoming a senator during the 2018/2019 academic year, the following seats that are currently open.
(Updated 2/18/2019)

Art and Theater (1): [CLOSED]
Biology & Earth Science (2): [1/2 OPEN]
Business (4): [3/4 OPEN]
Chemistry, Computer, & Mathematics (1): [CLOSED]
English & Communications (1): [CLOSED]
History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science, & Spanish (HAPPSS) (1): [OPEN]
Human Performance and Physical Education (HPPE) (3): [ 2/3OPEN]
Interdisciplinary Studies (1): [OPEN]
Music (1): [CLOSED]
Nursing (2): [OPEN]
Psychology (2): [CLOSED]
Sociology (2): [OPEN]
Teacher Education (1): [OPEN]
Senator at Large (2): [OPEN]
First Year (2): [1/2 OPEN]
Faculty or Staff (3): [OPEN]
Non-Traditional (2): [1/2 OPEN]
Graduate Student (1): [OPEN]
Student Athletic Advisory Committee (1): [CLOSED]
CoRE Activities & Transitions (1): [CLOSED]                                                        CoRE Recreation and Wellness(1): [CLOSED]                                              CoRE Multicultural (1): [CLOSED]

Please contact us if you are interested! You can drop in to the AS&F office in the SUB, call us at 719-587-7948, or email us at

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