Open Senate Seats

If you are interested in becoming a senator during the 2020/2021 academic year, the following seats that are currently open.
(Updated 11/11/2020)

Art and Theater (1)
Chemistry, Computer, & Mathematics (1)
History, Anthropology, Philosophy, Political Science, & Spanish (HAPPSS) (1)
Kinesiology (3)
Interdisciplinary Studies (1)
Music (1)
Psychology (2)
Sociology (2)
Teacher Education (1)

Senators at Large (1)
First Year Senators (2)
Faculty or Staff Senators (2)
Non-Traditional Senators (2)
Senator from the School of Graduate Studies of Art, Humanities, and Music Education (1)
Senator for Graduate Studies of Counselor Education (1)
Senator for Graduate Studies of Applied Sports Medicine (1)
Senator for Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC) (1)
CoRE Recreation and Wellness Senator(1)
CoRE Multicultural Senator (1)


Business (4)
English & Communications (1)
CoRE Activities & Transitions Senator(1)
Biology & Earth Science(1)
Nursing (1)

Please contact us if you are interested! You can drop in to the AS&F office in the SUB, call us at 719-587-7948, or email us at

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