Winding Down the Year: Reminders

Wow!  It is almost summer time for ASC, only a few more weeks!

AS&F wants to take the opportunity to remind everyone of a few things that are still going to be happening before the end of the year.  As always, we welcome and appreciate your feedback and participation!

  • Elections for the 2011-2012 AS&F Government are coming up soon!  Be on the lookout for an email with more details on the process.  Voting should be completely online this year; making it fast, easy, and convenient for all of Adams State!


  • Changes to the AS&F constitution will be voted on by the AS&F Government in the next couple of meetings.  Please take the time to look at some of the ideas that have been proposed so far in our blog We Want to Hear From You!  Let your Senators and Represenatives know your thoughts on the changes, and let your voice be heard!


  • Outstanding Faculty and Staff will be recognized at the Faculty Awards Banquet taking place on Wednesday, April 13th.  Pictures, nominees, and award recipients will be posted after the event.