Inspiring, Outstanding, Excellent: Faculty Awards a Success

The annual AS&F Faculty Awards was held on April 13, 2011 at the Blue Foxx in Alamosa.  The theme of the evening was “Inspiring, Outstanding, Excellent;”  the nominees this year seemed to truly characterize these words according to the students who nominated them. 

Thank you to all of the students who took the time to nominate and recognize all the hard-work that our Adams State College faculty and staff do; this year had the most nominations AS&F has seen yet.   

Thank you to our ASC Faculty and Staff for all that you do.  We congratulate this year’s nominees and award recipients!

Excellence in Student Centered Instruction
Award Recipient: Dr. Linda Reid
Nominees: Dr. Laura Bruneau, Sheryl Abeyta, Dr. Martin Jones, Dr. Linda Reid
Excellence in Academic Advisement
Award Recipient: Dr. Teri McCartney
Nominees: Cindy Whitney, Dr. Teri McCartney, Dr. Robert Benson
Excellence in Student Engagement
Award Recipient: Margaret Doell
Nominees: Aaron Abeyta, Peggy Filer, Margaret Doell, Dr. Benita Brink
Excellence in Extra Curricular Advisement
Award Recipient: Oneyda Maestas
Nominees: Pat Robbins and Oneyda Maestas
Excellence in Research and Publication
Award Recipient: James Bedard
Nominees: James Bedard, Dr. Timothy Armstrong
Outstanding Professional Staff Member
Award Recipient: Cecil Fell
Nominees: Cathi Lucero-Connell, Isabel Medina-Keiser, Cecil Fell
Outstanding Classified Staff Member
Award Recipient: Carol McCann
Nominees: Sally Kelly, Maxine Rodriguez, Carol McCann