We want to hear from you!

AS&F would like to open an invitation to see what you would like to see the same or different for next year!  Feel free to leave a comment here, on our Facebook, or to our email ascasf@grizzlies.adams.edu. Here are some ideas that have already been noted as ideas. 

NOTE: These are simply ideas, and a venue to share ideas; as of now, none of these have been adopted into the constitution and are simply suggestions. 

Also note that your ideas do not have to remain within just constitutional issues, we would love to hear all ideas, or feedback that you have for the betterment of AS&F.  If you have any further questions, you can also contact Program Assistant Carter at carterjm@grizzlies.adams.edu or Chief Justice Harlan at harlanal@grizzlies.adams.edu.

Constitutional Ideas for Next Year

Conflicting section of the bylaws

Article V. Section 6. of the Constitution States:
  • Section 6.  AS&F Senators and Club Representatives may introduce new legislation by sponsoring a bill, which shall be presented at an AS&F Government meeting.
Article 1. Section 2b. of the Bylaws States:
  • Section 2b. Bills may be authored by any member of AS&F that pays dues but can only be sponsored by a Senator. The same person cannot both author and sponsor the same bill.

Change the amount of funding for airfare in the travel section

Make tangible items section more clear

Article VII. Elections Section
  • Timing?
  • Shadowing/Training Rule
Article XII.  Section 2b and Section 2c.
  • Change the timing requirements for each meeting to current rules
Penalties for missing meetings for both senators and representatives? Suggestions include:
  • Making it a point penalty after a certain amount of unexcused absences
  • This would be the same with continual changes to the representative seat
  • Ideas about Senators?
  • Perhaps giving incentive for each club?
Article I. Section 3c.
  • Attire for meetings?
Article I. Section 3b
  • More specific as far as old and new discussion

Article 3 Sections one should have club representatives included on the list.

Article 4 section 4c needs to be removed since this council does not exist anymore.

Freshmen senators should be the same GPA requirement as for regular senators, currently the requirement is 2.0 on a 4.0 scale as stated in article 5 section 2a

Amendments to the constitution should also be published in the paper not just in senate records

(article 7 section 4a)in the bylaws we should specify how run off elections are held

Should the impeachment and removal hearings happen at the same time since removal hearings determine the course of action that should be taken after an impeachment?

Article X section 3d of the bylaws should be changed to Club Sport Council

3 thoughts on “We want to hear from you!”

  1. I know some ideas about reconfiguring how the Senate seats are structured were put forth in prior meetings. Would it be possible to for someone to post a summary of those ideas for the rest of us to see what other options have been proposed?

    1. There has been some discussion about switching Senate seats to assigned by individual major. (i.e. current Senator of Arts and Letters seats would instead have Senator of English, Senator of Mass communications, etc.) Is this what you were looking for Dave?

      1. Thanks. That was pretty much what I was looking for. Was that the only alternative suggested so far?

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